Jun 20, 2013

Why Not Android, iOS or Blackberry

Now that the great old Symbian will be put to rest in high end devices, I can’t do anything more than switch to another operating system and of all the viable ones at the moment, I’m only interested in Microsoft’s Windows Phone and Jolla’s Sailfish OS.

Well, you might expect me to write all my reasons behind, but I won’t, instead , I’ll do another approach by detailing the reasons why I’m not choosing Android, iOS and the Blackberry OS .

You might think that it’s because I’m a huge fan of Nokia that is why I’m not considering the aforementioned systems, but it has nothing to do with it. My reasons were liberally base on the way I use my phones and my general opinion over important matters. Read on.


It might be the biggest Operating System in the market at the moment owning more than 60% of the share but really, I never imagine myself using the system as a smartphone even if I tried it well enough via my Android running Ainol tablet.

Here are my reasons:

1. It became a very common OS that even the cloners from China can access. Not that I hate Chinese manufacturers with their substandard built quality but it’s the sense of distinctiveness that I’m referring to, because no matter how expensive the phone is, Samsung Galaxy S4 for example, the functions and capability of the aforementioned phone will be easily imitated by a $100 Android phone made by these insensate Chinese companies. I can still remember my cousin who owns a Cherry Mobile Omega HD that cost $120 mocking another cousin of mine who owns a Samsung Galaxy S4 because the Omega HD can do everything the S4 can. It was WTF frustrating experience for the S4 owner and I was laughing all way through. Android system had no class, no individuality, and no finesse.

2. It’s a mockery of intelligence and creativity. Well, they say that imitation is the greatest form of flattery, but if you’re Android copying everything the iOS had, it became an insult to wit because it only proves how stupid people behind Android is, was. People will lose interests in creating new stuffs because they will only be copied by another, worst; they own the lion share by doing so. Where is justice?

3. Android as a system is too technical. Well, it could be used by anyone in general but for the system to be fully utilized and enjoyed, it needs rooting, hacking and all. For instance, a proprietor Android launcher is hell clunky, now for a user to be able to get rid of these, they will need to root the system to be able to install another launcher that is way better and faster. Then users will need to learn about DATA’s and OBB’s just to install good apps.


Owning an iPhone might be one of the trendiest at the moment but I had never wish to own one. I remember a comment in the blog few years back that those who hate iPhone’s are the ones who cannot afford; well, I would like to send him my sincerest condolence now.

Here are my reasons:

1. Apple will choke users in the neck with its lavish restrictions wanting users to live a bounded smartphone life without freedom. My greatest frustration pertaining to these, the absence of folder system that would allow users to transfer files in and out the phone freely. Apple use iTunes to do this, but is bounded by countless limitations. I personally want a phone that I can control and not the phone controlling me.

2. iPhones are hilariously expensive. If there is one shit that’s too expensive, that’s iPhone! What people don’t realize was that they’re paying double because of the brand name. Just try to look at its specs and compare it to other cheaper phones, the difference are dime.

3. Apple had lost the jest in innovations. What they are doing right now is increase the phone size, put some clear screen, changed the looks of the icon, etc., and that’s it, no space anymore for creativity and resourcefulness. It’s a sad story for Apple, like really, they were used to be cool and sassy.


I never like Blackberry OS ever since, though they have something going on lately but it never occurred to rethink my stand over it after my Z10 experience.

Here are my reasons:

1. Blackberry failed to move out of its dreadful reputation, the system still feels old and serious without any room for fun and excitement. How serious is it, well, I got bored using the Z10 in just 30 minutes; I never experienced that feeling before while using other systems. Maybe it’s the system’s mechanism of doings things on the phone, I couldn’t find anything different on it that will make it special.

2. Blackberry phones are only a notch cheaper than iPhone, like they deserved to be so given its lackluster system and features. I think they forgot where they were in the OS rank and the features they are offering to the public when they created a pricelist for these phones. They were too expensive base on their level of probity overtaking the price of even the best of the Android or Windows Phone camp. Did they even make a market study before pricing the phones?

Wrap Up

Some harsh words in here but there are no other way to describe my thoughts. Yes, there is no perfect OS but imperfection should not be an excuse for people to select the best. Manufacturers should realize that they cannot just dictate to people what they could or couldn’t do, or copy anything of value; they must continuously strive to achieve perfection through endless innovations and research, it’s the only way to succeed in this competitive world and the only way to win my support.


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