Jun 17, 2013

Nokia EOS, to be announced most probably in the July 11 New York Event

If there is one thing that I'm very excited about lately, its the rumored Nokia Lumia EOS with the 41MP PureView goodness which is most likely my next smartphone upgrade to replace my aging Nokia N8, the 2008-2009 camera king.

My Windows Phone 8 upgrade is inevitable since Nokia will stop shipping Symbian devices in a months time with the Nokia 808 PureView as the last breed and I have never been attracted to Android because if its technical nature or iOS because of its restrictions. Hopefully though, the Windows Phone 8 had matured enough when the EOS comes with all my concerns properly address. Read all my rants about Windows Phone 8 in my Nokia Lumia 920 review.

Anyways, there were already several leaked images of the EOS circulating in the web plus a media invite sent by Nokia of a certain event in New York this coming July 11th, fueling the rumor further of the phones official announcement.

Well, its definitely getting exciting in the Nokia and Windows Phone camp, lets see in three weeks time if the rumors were true. So far here were the leaked specifications of what is touted as the next camera king.

- 41MP Carl Ziess camera with PureView technology
- Xenon Flash
- 5.0 inch AMOLED Screen with ClearBlack technology
- Metallic back cover
- Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 Quad Core processor
- Windows Phone 8.1
- Non removable battery
- Radio FM capability


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