Jul 10, 2013

1 Day More To Go! My Expectations On The Highly Coveted Nokia Lumia 1020

It's not obvious that my excitement for the Nokia July 11 event was over the top, thats because I'm seeing it as my best option for upgrade to my aging Nokia N8. Its been 3 years since I got the Nokia N8 and within those years, I haven't really found any worthy successor amidst the release of Nokia 808 PureView and Nokia Lumia 920, two powerful and very capable cameraphones.

My expectations for tomorrow, well, quite a lot actually, I'm expecting first and foremost, a phone with a snazzy camera features. 41MP is no surprise already, so I'm looking for something new, innovative and jaw dropping, kinda like the scenario when Nokia announced the 41MP camera on the 808 PureView. It might be an ubercool software feature or an editing application, best, a hardware with zoom capability like no other.

Secondly, I'm expecting a phone with a super sexy, attractive and durable design and construction that competitors would die in envy seeing it. The Nokia Lumia 920 is flawed with a thick dimension while the 808 PureView had a regular look with a plastic feel, the new device should be unique and perfect in any way possible.

Windows Phone software should be on its bests self with all the issues resolved and missing important features provided. The software the already an epitome of smoothness and fluidity, all it need is improvement in terms of usability and features. Address all the aforementioned and its perfect.

I'm expecting the phone as well to have a worldwide release in 2-3 weeks, like it should be made available in many countries as possible and not a year or two after, like what happened to the Nokia Lumia 920's availability here in the Philippines. It took Nokia Philippines quite sometime to port the phone locally that buyers like me have grown tired waiting.

And lastly, it should be easily and afford-ably available in all local network operators in the country. I'm really mesmerized on what Apple, Samsung and RIM did with their flagship phones being readily accessible in all network operators for as low as PhP1,500 in a 30 month contract, just a few weeks after the phones worldwide release. That's like super affordable for anyone at a perfect time! If Nokia won't be able to do the same, then I might already become an iPhone 6 or Samsung Galaxy S5 user before the Nokia Lumia 1020 arrives.

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