Jul 15, 2013

Did The Nokia Lumia 1020 Impressed? My Thoughts

Before the July 11 New York event, I wrote an article about my expectations on the soon to be announced device, the Nokia Lumia 1020. The very day came and the event went down in Nokia's history as the best product lunch yet. I was very impress by the way they presented the device giving at first a back draft of cameraphone history then moving forward to the present and giving hints for what is up ahead. Stephen Elop and the rest of the presenters were also commendable, they were really excited and proud of the device that jolliness exudes naturally out of them making the presentation fun and very informative. A job well done to the whole team. Stephen by the way brilliantly answered the press questions as well, now I know why a lot of people adores him.

Now on to the question at bar, did the Nokia Lumia 1020 impressed and leave up to my expectations?

Well, generally yes, it was impressive but compromising in terms of meeting the rest of my assumptions. It wasn't jaw dropping like the Nokia 808 PureView because rumor muggers were already on its heals revealing how the device looks like and some of its specs but even so, it still was able to create the awesomeness factor complemented hugely by the new and exclusive applications and features on board like the Camera App Pro, the reinvented Zoom mechanism, new HERE+ Maps among others. I'm very excited about the endless possibilities that I can do with it.

I'm happy as well with the phones design and construction, base on the specs sheet provided, it will be thinner than the Nokia Lumia 920 and not plastic-ky like the Nokia 808 PureView. It also had the edgy head-turner design like its predecessors and best of all, manageable screen size of 4.5".

I'm glad to know that Nokia was trying hard to port applications to Windows Phone like Flipboard for instance, a magazine reader that I love to use in my Android tablet. Then theirs the Hipstamatic Oggl PRO that allows users to post images to Instagram and the rest of the third party photo enhancement apps like Panagraph, Snapcam, etc., fitting the device's powerful camera.

I also found the Nokia Camera Grip very clever. Its an accessory that could be easily clip into the device enhancing its camera feel and extending its usability via its in-house battery.

Nokia Lumia 1020 with Nokia Camera Grip

And then the rest compromises starts, primarily with the Windows Phone 8 being the very same software that I've tried and hesitantly accepts due to issues and missing features. I know the Azure update is coming and would probably be pre-installed on the Lumia 1020, but until now, no one really knows what it can exactly do and how many of the issues had it addressed.

Then the worldwide release would seemed to mimic the Nokia Lumia 920 scenery being also gradual. It could be that the device will arrive in the Philippines in a year or two again that I might really get tired waiting for it and opt to for another camera device instead like the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom or any other device that gets announce and release right away by competitors. Worse, it could end up being offered in Smart Telecom alone at a hefty price, competition among telecom companies offering it would have lowered the phone's price.

Wrap Up

It will really depends on Nokia and Microsoft now, for Nokia to act aggressively in offering the device in a worldwide scale and for Microsoft to raise the bar of its software capabilities. I believe this would be their last change to show to world that they deserve a comeback. Failure will really doom both companies.


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