Sep 29, 2013

Nokia Lumia 1020 Now Available In The Philippines

Our long wait is over ladies and gents, the cameraphone royalty had finally arrive in the Philippines, unofficially though via Kimstore, an online shop selling mobilephones, laptops, digital and DSLR cameras and other electronic merchandise and accessories.

The online shop is currently selling the phone for PhP32,780.00 with a 1 year store service warranty and 3 days unit replacement in-case of factory defect; quite expensive than the announced worldwide price but justifiable in my opinion being the first and the only store to offer such in the country for the time being. Nokia Philippines is yet to launch the device this quarter so the unofficial variants like these units, doesn't have a Nokia warranty that when parts are broken or otherwise had malfunctioned resulting from misuse, software modification, tampering, failure to follow instructions in the manual, exposure to dust or dirt, water dropping, electric shock among the rest of incidents beyond Kimstore's service capacity, owners will need to pay for the repairs when endorsed to Nokia Service Centers.

Besides the price, no other information's were posted, most specially color availability, so you might have to settle for whats available.

The Nokia Lumia 1020 heralds the best cameraphone technology and features to date; the second generation  41 megapixel sensor with a reinvented zoom technology; the award winning PureView camera features; the next generation optical image stabilization OIS that uses state-of-the-art ball bearings into the camera module capturing blur free images and videos; Carl Zeiss optics with six physical lenses that delivers a crystal clear pictures even in low light conditions; the next generation of Xenon Flash; the Nokia Pro Camera App that is capable of making the experience easy for anyone to take professional quality images; among the rest.

God knows how much I wanted to own this phone being the only genuine smartphone device that offers the best and the most innovative features yet, but straight out of the pocket cash purchase is impossible for me to do at the moment, so I might wait for other options. Anyone who wants to offer it by installment? :) Poor me!

Anyways, I'm glad to know that its already here, I've been bombarded with questions via twitter, email and comments section in the blog about its local availability, at long last, it can now be snag by just a click away.

To order via Kimstore, CLICK HERE! For the Nokia Lumia 1020 Full Specs, CLICK HERE!


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