Nov 24, 2013

Wandering With The Nokia Lumia 925, Part 1

Its not usual that I get to travel out of town, I have 2 full time jobs, law school during the weekends and a part time career as a blogger . Vacation to me is a luxury in terms of time and money most specially, since I'm only earning minimally. I can only afford a single week of vacation per year locally in a tight budget.

When Nokia Connects announced that they have available units for trial, I did not hesitate to ask them for a Nokia Lumia 925, I thought it would be nice to bring something useful during my trip, a camera centric device that could account my travel stints and memorialized it in grand.

11:30 +8GMT, November 5, 2013

Went to DHL Ozamis to pick up the package. Though thrilled and excited, I tend to break my tradition of opening the package right there and then, and instead took the package with me to work. I also had a not so good experience before when I trialled the Nokia Lumia 720 where it dreadfully auto connect and auto download phone updates via data, tripling my bill payment for the month. I thought it would be safe if I have a WIFI connection during the initial phone set up to avoid similar incident.

As soon as I arrived in the office, I opened the package right away in front of my colleagues with my intention to gauge their impression on it. My initial reaction, "the phone to beat" in terms of design and construction because it looks and feels absolutely gorgeous. It feels so light to hold and yet sensibly solid as a result of the metal frames around the edges. The Lumia 925 was definitely an advancement in design for Nokia aside from the innovative features and specifications they've introduce with it. The phone for me easily became the most beautiful hardware that Nokia ever created by far trouncing others even their current flagship, the Nokia Lumia 1020. 

Reaction from my colleagues? Overwhelmed, they thought the phone cost a fortune because of its superb built quality. Well, I told them that that its just half the price of a regular 8GB iPhone 5S surprising them big time, everyone thought its as premium as the latter.

Turning the phone on runs the same story, the phone's screen was beautiful and enticing to look at, though it wasn't as crisp and clear as the Nokia Lumia 920. How vital is this screen display and resolution to me? Well, I only consider it as a deal maker or breaker. It was the main reason why I did not pursue buying the Nokia Lumia 720 because of its pentile screen display amidst the rest of its very capable specifications and features. To correlate this with Nokia lumia 925, the phone's screen alone could seal a deal for me because I love watching the PureMotion HD+ and ClearBlack display working hand in hand impressively on the it.
Then, I spent the rest of the afternoon going over the phone's settings (don't tell my boss), making sure that its fully suited for travel, and me, out-rightly connected before my flight early morning the next day. I love the mechanism in setting up a Windows Phone device, all you need to do is enter your Windows account and everything from contacts, texts to calendars saved on the cloud appears, though, I need to manually update some of my Contacts who had changed mobilephone numbers or email addresses. How I wish their was a way to update cloud-saved Windows Phone contacts from non windows phone devices because its not unusual for anyone to change mobile numbers or email addresses every now and then. Also, Microsoft should seriously consider adding an option to save phone settings on applications to the cloud so that users need not have to manually install application individually if they want to transfer or upgrade from one Windows Phone to another. Transferring music files and videos was easy as well because its a matter of copy and paste, but creating Playlist on the other hand is not possible on the phone so you need to use Windows Media Player on a PC to create one. How in the world did Microsoft missed this feature on Windows Phone 8?

I then capped the rest my evening preparing the rest of my travel essential and charge the phone overnight.

5:00 +8GMT, November 6, 2013

Woke up early to suite up since I got an early flight going Mega Manila. Within an hour, I was already at Ozamis City's Labo Airport. Funny thing about having a shinny new gadget in hand, you always tend to flaunt it to everyone. I was definitely on the mode for doing so because the Nokia Lumia 925 was really worth showing.

While waiting for my flight, I fire up my WiFi, Location and Foursquare app to check in. I was quite surprise how fast the phone is in finding my location compared to my 4 year old Nokia N8. Must have something to do with the GPS chips nowadays.

One of the major concern in smartphones at the moment is battery life, with the advent of dual cores and quad core processors, it had a huge negative effect on the phones power consumption. Windows Phones are not spared with the problem as well, with my previous Nokia Lumia 920 an 720 trials, I can't seemed to have it last a full day or two without charging. The Nokia Lumia 925 suffers the same problem because within an hour of used for texting, calling, a bit of picture taking, downloading apps and browsing over the airports free WIFI, I lost the least 20% of battery.Within the next hour, my battery was already within 60% level so I've decided to disconnect from the web. Well so much I guess for the phone as a surfing buddy while traveling.

10:30 +8GMT, November 6, 2013

I arrived in Manila, hoping for a safe stay most specially that I'm carrying a very expensive device. It cannot be denied that the city had all the crooks and thieves operating and just waiting for the right time to struck. Call yourself unlucky if you became their prey.

Anyhow, everything went fine from the airport going to pension house where I stayed along Pedro Gil Avenue, Malate, Manila. I'm not familiar with the place so I fired up the HERE walk and drive navigation to locate it. The good thing about HERE is that its free, its reliably accurate and best of all, it works offline.

The neighborhood seemed fine as well, its near a mall and schools with lots of restaurants. Its also near Baywalk, where I could catch a glimpse of its world renowned sunset. I got lots of good sunset photo's taken on the Nokia Lumia 925 which I will feature in a separate post very soon. Watch out for it.

Spend the rest of the day then roaming around, taking pictures and going from shop to shop. Photo performance of the Nokia Lumia 925 so far; daylight image, above average while night images were outstanding. It indeed live up to its promise of taking night images to the next level. Again, I will be featuring such images in another blog post very soon.

While roaming around, I then had my first live encounter with the Nokia Lumia 1020, my dream device. It would definitely remain a dream device for me because it cost a fortune ranging around PhP32,000 to PhP35,000 with camera grip. If I would save at least a thousand of my salary per month, I could buy the device in 2-3 years time. How I wish Nokia Philippines had special installment program for poor bloggers.:D

Up front comparison, the Nokia Lumia 925 is far attractive, its thinner, lighter and more solid to touch than the Nokia Lumia 1020, though the later had a more vibrant screen. I kinda like the camera bump at the back of the 1020, it makes the phone bold and manly.

I would had want to be call my cousins for a night stroll around but I already felt weary. Besides the Nokia Lumia 925 had already drained on me so I decided to call it quits. My power bank had keep the phone alive since 5PM, at its running out of juice as well.

More of my wandering with the Nokia Lumia 925 next time, stay tuned!


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