Nov 28, 2013

Wandering With The Nokia Lumia 925, Part 2

I had a wonderful two days with the Nokia Lumia 925 so far. Its quite an impressive device so it kinda made my geeky days perfect. It had some small bumps along the way, battery life for one, but not enough to defeat my positive travel vibe.

However, did it continuously impress the rest of the way? Read on.

04:30 +8GMT, November 7, 2013

Woke up very early for my first jog ever. Well, for those who had been reading my blog, I'm in the course of battling overweight for quite sometime now. So far I had lost 30 pounds and I'm planning to loss 20 more. With my current exercise routine and diet, I was stuck to the 30 pound level so I need to level up and jogging is one of my best option. What could be best place to start this healthy tryst other than Manila Baywalk, the healthiest corner in the metro with almost a hundred joggers sweating around all day and night. Not that the air doesn't smell stench due to the polluted coast, but the scenery was really encouraging to those who are starting.

I was a bit hesitant though to bring my the Nokia Lumia 925 with me that because I might get rob along the way, so I left it at the pension house. I would have want to try the Nokia Lumia exclusive Active Fitness app that allows tracking of fitness, health and activities of users, then had this information's shared to any social networks. It was really entice to try it that morning but I couldn't risk losing the phone since I cannot afford to pay for it.

Anyhow, my first jog was fulfilling but very tiring. It was like losing a ton of body sweat but gaining muscle aches that I haven't ever felt before. Early in the day, I wasn't still feeling its after effects not until mid noon when I'm beginning to feel muscle pains all over my body. I would have want to stroll more but my body aches took a tool on me.I spent the rest of the afternoon then sleeping and set my alarm for 15:00 hours  to catch the Manila Baywalk sunset.

Barely holding myself up, I still went on with my plan and walk my way through the Baywalk, and it was all very worthy because I had witnessed the most beautiful sunset yet in my entire years of existence. I was speechless and so awed by it. The Nokia Lumia 925 on the other hand added to the jest since it captured the sunset impressively. Its amazing how the phone seemed to get a wonderful shot every time. It has the right color density and saturation, the right texture and tone, etc. It was by far the best cameraphone I've used, hands down. Of course, I did a little comparison test with my Nokia N8 which I took also with me, and the difference was huge. The phone bested my 5 year old camera companion easily. I will have a separate blog post to show you all my amateur shots, stay tuned.

I also tried the Nokia Smart Camera app and it was fun to use. I like most specially, the action shot feature of the app were it can combine several photo sequences into one and edit it to my liking. Users can also experiment with the rest of the app's feature like Motion Focus, adding blur on the background to emphasize motion; Remove Moving Objects; or Change Faces to choose the best faces for a great group shot.

I then stayed at the bay for the next two hours, enjoying every moment and taking all possible and interesting snapshots possible, then went to Robinson's Manila for a quick grocery and dinner. My cousin came later on who would have wanted to stroll me around the Metro further but since I could even hardly walk, we just spend the rest of the night in a small bar below the pension house and had a few drinks.

Anyways, to capped the day off, I have to give the Nokia Lumia 925 a sky high grade for today, it really was outstanding camera-wise and it did not die on me. The automatic brightness setting had really help a lot in managing my power consumption. Users can also tweak few of the phones settings to further conserved power.

More of my travel experience with the Nokia Lumia 925 coming up, stay tuned!

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