Jan 26, 2014

2014, Announcements, Burning Platform, And Moving Forward

Another year to conquer for this smallish blog site but rather the most challenging and exciting one since I'm about to announced something that will change this blog forever. Gone were the days of solitude, the right time had come, this is it..


The blog had performed fairly well in 2013, breaking records as to the number of page views and unique visits, stretch to the limits of sobriety and backed by a strong following, but for those who religiously follow it, compared to the previous years, I hardly published stories anymore due to circumstances I cannot avoid.

First and foremost, time, I hardly have the luxury of it anymore because of my hectic schedule. Just imagine joggling two jobs a day together with my business tryst and law school, I hardly even have enough for myself, how much more for the blog. I am now on my third year in Law school and it certainly demands so much attention. The dreaded BAR exam is also not too far away (October 2015) and our professors were already encouraging us to prepare as early as now. BAR exam is not just any other exam out there, its the most difficult and prestigious of all. Where in the world can you find an exam where people manage to kill themselves or go crazy in a yearly basis?

Second, health, I believe being in front of a computer all the time affects your eyes, weight and sleeping patterns. Several studies had already been published about it, and its futile to argue because I myself would blame it for my massive weight increase 4 years back and my degrading eyesight. Maximum allowed time in front of a computer according to experts, two hours the most, and I'm already exposed to computer for about 8 at the office.

Third, social, I've notice that my addiction to the internet decreases my ability to interact with people in a natural way. Somehow it decreased my ability to respond to situations instantaneously, critical most specially that the career that I'm pursuing needs quick thinking and analysis. I've notice a huge difference from the way I interact with people and situations before and now. My friends always joke about my being lost in the circle for quite sometime, that I have stretched the boundary of my heartache to abnormal desolation.

And finally, my being lost in transition, from my well loved burning platform to nowhere! Sad to say their is nothing among the current software platforms yet that captured my interest and attention, worthy to replaced my old and burning Symbian.

So close is Android but not to my standard, Windows Phone is incomplete, iOS is too restricted and Blackberry is good as dead. Remember that I started this blog because I was soo inspired with my Nokia N82, now, I lost that synergy and inspiration. Maybe their will come a time that one of this platforms evolved to my fullest liking, a platform that can rekindle my interest back to smartphone technology. In a few months perhaps, years or decades, who knows?


With all this reasons, I've decided to take this blog to the next level by opening it up to the entire tech world. Being open means that everyone can now submit personal stories and experiences related to technology; the camera that you loved; the wearable gadget that you've recently purchased; the smartphone that you cant lived without or the apps that makes your day complete. The blog will now be entirely about you!

You can submit your original stories via this email account, gregg003@ovi.com and I will publish it on the blog with your name as the author. Anonymous post will also be respected as well as the option to restrict comments from readers.

I will still be writing posts if I have time and this subdued moments is definitely temporary. Soon, when everything falls down to perspective, I will return in my full geek self and make technology world as rowdy as ever. For the mean time, I rest my case!

2014 Image from http://www.volkerballueder.com


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