Jan 5, 2014

Wandering With The Nokia Lumia 925, Part 7 - The Last Stand

Well, kinda like X-Men - The Last Stand, since its a day that I need to lived against all odds. My body aches is getting worse and I felt like I still need to cover a lot of things and visit few more places. I'm also running out of funds so I need to take drastic moves.

07:30 +8GMT, November 10, 2013

Arrived at the pension house from my relatives bonding stints in Bacoor, Cavite. I need to start my day early because I have to packed my things up. My return flight was 5AM the next day and I was planning to spend my last night at the airport so I could save an overnight rent (the drastic move I'm referring to), wont missed my early flight (lame excuse) and that its a safety precaution as well since I might get robbed whanging around the Metro at 3AM (another lame excuse). Its better to be safe than sorry. ;)

It was an exhausting morning, I felt like I already spend all my energy that I just want to stay static for the rest of the day but I have no choice but to push myself to the limits, my check-out by 12 noon. I also need to juice up my Nokia Lumia 925 and power bank because its going to be a long day and night for the phone. I might not be able to charged it again until I arrived home the next day.

Though the phone had a Battery Saver app that would help conserved battery life by turning off running background apps when the battery reached a certain level but I doubt if it will help with my techy and socially connected lifestyle. Automatic brightness setting of the phone screen could also help but it will make the phone display dull. Anyhow, I have no choice but to do both so the phone could last overnight.

12:30 +8GMT, November 10, 2013

Left the pension house and went to SM Mall of Asia. They have this baggage counter for travelers where you can leave all your backpacks and trolleys safely for free and it closed at around 12 midnight so its very convenient. I then went to another favorite place of mine to visit when I'm in the Metro, Divisoria, another shopping hub. I haven't find a Nokia Asha 501 yet so I tried my luck.

14:00 +8GMT, November 10, 2013

Arrived in Divisoria in a demure pace with the body ache thing going on. The place was ideal for shopping but the traffic going their is terrible. How I wish the City government could find a solution for this long due problem, its not fun to be stuck in an hour of noontime traffic inside a jeepney with all those fumes and foul smell around.

I then went directly to Tutuban Town Center, one of the most prominent malls in the area to find mobilephone stalls selling second hand phones. It was again a spin-off, it took me several turns around confusing hallway blocks to find the only shop selling a Nokia Asha 501. All my efforts finding the phone for the past 2 days though was rewarded because it only cost me PhP2,800 for a unit with charger. Definitely a huge steal since the brand new price of the phone is PhP4,500 saving me PhP1,700!

I also was able to find my dream phone, the Nokia 808 PureView, on display sold for PhP10,000 only but I don't have enough money to buy it. The phone would probably remain in my dreams forever since only God knows when will I be back and it would probably be sold already when that time comes.

I also find several Lumia phones on display, even the Lumia 925 being sold only for PhP13,000 unit alone and PhP14,000 with complete set. The brand new price of the phone is still somewhere around PhP21,000, I would have save a huge PhP7,000 for it. Anyhow, if only I have enough cash, I would have bought them all!

17:00 +8GMT, November 10, 2013

Drop by Recto avenue to look for 2nd hand Law books. Yes, second hand again, no frills! But really, when your studying law, 2nd hand or brand new won't matter since laws doesn't changed much and new books only offer new case annotations. Believe it or not, I found four books that save me PhP8,000 compared to buying new ones.

FYI: Did you know that this place is well known for replicating just about anything? You can buy an almost genuine copies of school Diploma's with all the stamps and seals; Transcript of Records where you get to decide the grades; ID's of all schools, institutions and government agencies, etc., at the right price! Just name it, they have it!

Meanwhile, one thing I've notice about the phone being subjected to a ruckus environment was that I usually missed several text messages. I don't know if it was just me, but really, I find the message alert system of the phone too quite. This is also a problem with the Windows Phones that I've trialed so far, I find the notification system silent to my liking. Maybe its because of the message alert tones, that most of the built-in tones were too soft to bare and that users cannot add tones in the existing lists; or perhaps due to the phone's speaker, but in either way, I hate it, text messaging is still one of my main toll in communication, I cannot afford to compromised it. Microsoft needs to fixed this problem fast before I get tempted to buy an iPhone or any of the Androids!

18:30 +8GMT, November 10, 2013

My last pit stop for the rest of my wandering before hitting my last stand, Rizal Park, Manila. They have a new attraction that is always featured on television, the dancing fountain. I thought it could be a perfect opportunity to test the video capability of the Nokia Lumia 925 that's why I included it in my itinerary.

Well, to my surprised, there were lots of people watching the light show. What's even more interesting was that I was liking it, I thought it was only a kids show but I was wrong, adults will also find it entertaining. Got a few snap shots of the fountain using the phone, video sample will be featured in a separate article, watch out for it.

Battery checked after all the picture and image ordeal, 40%. Well, I haven't really used much of the phone early on that's why it lasts me that long. Usually, in this time of the day, I'm already almost drained. 

22:00 +8GMT, November 10, 2013

Arrived at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3 safe and sound. It wasn't the first time that I slept overnight in this airport, I always do this every time I have early flights the next day. It even had a memorable experience the last time because I got struck by an Amoebiasis early morning from the Siomai that I brought the day before from a street vendor outside the Department of Health Manila, ironic. It was my worsts experience ever, I got a throbbing stomach ache every 30 seconds and I have to defecate every 20 minutes. I was dehydrated like hell! Well, those were the days!

Anyways, after arriving at the airport, I went directly to my favorite area to spend the rest of the night, a corner in the second floor near the food court, just lying on the floor pavement. I was actually able to use my Nokia Lumia 925 for an hour of surfing via a free public WiFi before it drained. I then call over for the day and took a nap amidst fellow traveling bystanders eating and chatting.

2:30 +8GMT, November 12, 2013

Woke up to checked-in. Luckily, their was an available wall socket at the boarding area that's why I was able to charged the phone for awhile. Hopefully, their will come a day when people don't have to worry about battery life or care about charging phones manually via a wall socket, and that phones will just recharged on their own harnessing available natural energy around.

05:00 +8GMT, November 12, 2013

Boarded the plane and slept my way through the whole ordeal. Two hours after I was already back home and yes, you guess it right, slept the rest of the day to regain my senses.

...And their goes my Nokia Lumia 925 wandering and adventures ladies and gents. It was quite a brawl in a fun and techy way. 6 days was surely not enough, hopefully I could stay longer the next time around, or travel somewhere else, with lots of cash on hand and using a Nokia 808 Pureview, Nokia Lumia 925 or Nokia Lumia 1020 of my own. :D Quite impossible but who knows?

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