Feb 23, 2014

The Nokia Lumia 1020 Chronicle: Cameraphone Royalty Part 1 - First Impression

In my prelude article, I wrote about the accounts of my historic Nokia Lumia 1020 purchase. It was unexpected but cannot be turn aside due to circumstances that were nevertheless euphoric and overwhelming. Read the full prelude article here.

07:25 +8GMT, February 9, 2014

I meet with Sir Dan at the Davao Ecoland Bus Terminal, the very person that I was referring to in my Prelude article who sold his Nokia Lumia 1020 for almost half the price.

Very anxious, yes, I was that time because it might be that everything was just a set up and that he was only making fun of me being dead desperate, but Sir Dan came with his wife and 2 kids. They were a decent family actually, kinda well-off financially and obviously techy in some ways. But of course, I was more interested on "the phone" which he freely showed to me for checking.

My first impression, typical Lumia, attractive, bold, compact, well built, but compared to Nokia Lumia 925, its a bit bulky and heavy to my liking and less the premium metal feel. I think Nokia had overplayed with the uni-body polycarbonate design already that their is less of the "wow factor" anymore unlike when they introduced it with the Nokia N9 back in 2011. To be honest, I like the Nokia Lumia 925 more design-wise being refreshing and unique in metal than the Lumia 1020. 

I then played with the phone for awhile to ascertain its genuineness and if everything was working. I also looked into the unused accessories and tried them to examine any defects. After the thorough run-through with the phone, I then chat with the family to know them better. Interestingly, I found out that they were really a Lumia enthusiasts. The wife was using a Nokia Lumia 625, the son, a Lumia 720, and the daughter who was about 10 years old, had a yellow Lumia 520. I told them that its a wise choice having Lumia devices for unique differentiation from bunch of Androids, at the same time beneficial since Windows Phone as a system focused on family and people that matters. With it they can easily maintain a strong bond among themselves personally and socially.

And speaking about Windows Phone, the phone interface-wise, as I expected it to be, was buttery smooth beaming beneath the lively and vibrant screen display. The ClearBlack display and the PureMotion HD+ technology of Nokia worked their way best on the phone making it very pleasurable to gaze. The phone was already running the Windows Phone Black update but I have not notice any remarkable changes that comes with it just yet since I did not snoop further on the phones settings being very tired from a grueling 13 hours of sleepless overnight trip and that the seller still had files and information's on the phone being not resetted.

I then handed the money to Sir Dan and close the deal outright. They were even gracious enough to offer me a tour around the city but I modestly refuse since I need to travel back home for another 13 nonstop hours.

I then tact the phone back to its box and planned to reset it only when I get back home. It would be safer and wise to have a full WiFi access in doing so to prevent huge data upload in accessing and activating existing Microsoft accounts.

08:00 +8GMT, February 9, 2014

I was already in the bus on my way home, very excited and fulfilled. It felt like I just did one of the most important decision in my life. Happiness and contentment lingered in my thoughts for the rest of that day. Never in my wildest dream, did I expect to own a Nokia Lumia 1020 being far beyond my financial reached. Somehow destiny had works it way in my favor.  


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