Jun 27, 2008

Surprise!! I Love Surprise!

I can't believe what I just found out..The Nokia N82 Black Edition is selling like hotcakes in Cagayan De Oro City leaving no trace of the device anywhere. I visited several mobile shops and malls just to be informed that stocks have been sold out. Its ridiculous and pathetic because I have been wanting to own this phone for weeks now and when the opportunity came that I have enough cash to purchase it, it wasn't there for me to gasped. I have been eagerly wanting to own one that I've decided not to wait for my Metrobank Credit Card to arrived and just buy it through cash, I even traveled for 4 long hours for this.. a real disappointment, dismaler, outrageous...

Paging Nokia Philippines, produce more units please and ship it right away here before I lost interest on it and shift to a formidable touchscreen interface device, Sony Ericsson's w960i which is very much available. I'm giving you a chance, say a month to boost your supply here or else.... Entiendes?

One week!! I'm watching you!!


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