May 13, 2009

My Smart Gold Rant

A month ago, my Smart Gold was approved and my very first bill arrived yesterday with mixed revelation. First, a quite manageable bill exceeding only a Php185.00 from the plan package which was by the way a mile reasonable than Globe bills, then, the horror of being charge with 3G Internet Browsing several times.
As far as I can remember, I haven't really been able to use this service before in my phone because I'm using WiFi in browsing and I have an unlimited broadband service abode, so this is just purely ridiculous. I cant even stand this service because its painstakingly slow in connecting and uploading web pages, so how come then? Is it some sort of a conspiracy from the network to grab more profit, a big grin yes maybe?

To be fare also to Smart, maybe I have used the service beyond my knowledge via a 3rd party application software that I have installed. Maybe it has settings that I haven't checked like it automatically connect to 3G network when used, etc., and that is why I will dig down to this softwares or better be, just turn my 3G off just to differentiate and investigate at the same time.

My bill says that I was able to use the service 5x for only a minute each charging me Php9.09 each. A minute each? funny since I don't browse this quick. I have a lot of stuff to check when browsing like Email, Blog, Twitter and several fab sites so this is just absurd and unreal.

Oh well, just a bit if advice to everyone with plan packages, be mindful of your bills and if you have 3G compatible phones and your not using it like I do, better turned it off to prevent unwanted service connections. My next bill will be my most watched about, if I found out that I still have internet charges even with 3G connection off, it would then answer all my doubts and be very happy to shout to the world about it. Watch out Smart!!


I hope Smart can fix your bill. Don't pay for something that you're not liable to.

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