May 12, 2009

Nokia's Closest Market Segmenation Ever

I've read a lot of articles from Nokia about their plan to create segmentation in the mobile phone market as part of their strategy but I didn't thought it would be as close as E55 and E52 that has identical features and design except for the keypad were E55 had a QWERTY while E52 has the traditional T9 pad. Segmentation was drawn down only to individual consumers preference to which keypad suited them best, another first from the worlds leader in mobile phone. This is a good move by Nokia since consumers had varied taste and the idea of giving them what they like and what they want would mean higher sales and more solid support that would insure the companies top spot in the next few years. Its the notion of being heard and understood that matters to many and Nokia just showed this.

E55 was introduce at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona early this year while the E52 was announced few days ago booth gunning a unique and attractive design that gained attention among the designed conscious business consumers. I personally love the design to, how I wish my N82 Black was created the same way, it would have been perfect.

Both phone have an S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 2 Operating System, same Weight and Dimension, same Screen Size of 2.4 inches supporting 16 million Color Resolution, same CPU, ARM 11 600 MHz processor, same feature such as Digital Compass, Document Viewer, Noise Calcelation capability, Voice Memo and Battery Span which was said to last up to a stagering 672 hours on 2G while up to 432 hours on 3G.

We would diffinitely see more of this strategy from Nokia in their future devices or even closer to this type of segmentation which is a good thing as it will bring mobile phones closer to everyones ideal preference, our choice.


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