Jun 25, 2009

Nokia N86 8MP Is Here! Getting One!

I'm buying the N86 8MP people, away from my 2 month longed Flagship NSeries touch device, N97 and its beyond final! Sudden change of heart, yes partly, I still love N97 overall but I have a touchscreen phone coming, 5530 XpressMusic given by Nokia Conversations (Thank You) and so I don't need another touchscreen device as an alternate.

N86 8MP now fits every description as my 2nd phone with its sugarplum camera and style feature. I made mention before in one of my posts that "one phone fits all" doesn't seemed to fit me anymore because I easily get bored. I will need an alternate phone and to be exact with design, feature and UI somehow different from the other. The Nokia 5530 XpressMusic will surely satisfy my touched craving and music fondness while N86 8MP covers my longing for a fancy slider form factor and will capped all my well loved NSeries features from NGage to Maps among others specially my love for Photography as it will have an 8MP Carl Ziess Camera optics on board with perks like variable aperture, wide angle lens among others to savor more. About my wish for QWERTY, I think I have to settle for a virtual one in 5530 and it should be enough, I guess.

Nokia N86 8MP even have a very enticing introductory price of Php23,400 at the moment, that's Php10,000 cheaper than N97 and a hell cheaper than any other power phones that released by Nokia on its first week. N85 for one, cost as much as Php28,000 when it first came out, N96, almost Php38,000, N82 among others.

This is one hell of a combination for me, the best camera phone at the moment, the Nokia N86 8MP and the coolest music phone to date, the 5530 XpressMusic. My digital and mobile life couldn't be more better from now on. c",


I second of your decision, N86 8MP can be ur handy D. Camera come phone for to move around.

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I love the images taken from N86 8MP, sample pictures were posted by Rafe of allaboutsymbian.com and they were amazing enough to convince me to buy one as an upgrade of my aging N82 c",

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