Jul 21, 2009

Harry Potter Came Out Short!

I'm not just talking about Harry Potter's height here but also the latest installment of the Harry Potter movie in general which I found to be a disappointment. I have watch the movie last Saturday, lucky enough that Ozamis City has a simultaneous showing with Mega Manila, and it just fell short to what I expected it to be.

To be very honest, I find the movie boring and not magical enough, it was like I was waiting for something to happen yet it did not came through, where's the battle scenes, the funeral, where's my common sense, what the hell just happen? I believe the previous movie was more better, the wand battles where there and special effects among others. I just hope they did it purposely to bring a grand action packed finale movie in the Deathly Hallow, cross my finger!

I was wondering why there where a lot of positive comments about the film on Twitter, I suppose this people where out of their minds and have not read the book themselves because if they did, they would have felt the same way like I do or maybe I was just an action freak kind of nitwit that I was expecting a Transformer, Revenge Of The Fallen like scenario in the movie. Maybe, but come on, their where a lot of parts on the book that could have satisfied this but they choose not to because there crazy. I don't think they were cost cutting rather due to world financial crisis that they refrain from using special effects because the movie have wreck a 4 Billion Dollar income for the past years so its should be out of question.
Okay, maybe they were thinking about the kids who will be watching the film and they would have choosen to preserve its "child friendly movie" notion, besides it is a movie for kids and the young at heart, hmmm.... that explains everything.

For my odd rating on this film. Half score for Half-Blood Prince, 0, because I only enjoy "half" the film. (Ratings Scale: -50 highest, 50 Lowest)


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