Jul 1, 2009

Just Another Mobile Phone Price Watch, Philippines

A lot of developments came in lately specially in mobile phone arena as anticipated devices begins to harbor mobile shops and stores around the country that's why I'm bringing back the Mobile Price Watch hot and fresh.

Head Start, my once upon a time, most anticipated phone of the season, Nokia N97 has finally been sighted with a superlatively decent price tag of Php30,600 to Php33,000. Though Nokia Flagship Stores have exclusive distribution of the phone until the end of the month, most of the mobile shops I've been to, were already starting to accept pre-orders/reservations with a lonesome downpayment of course. But then if you have an insider friend from this shops, you could probably go home with a unit right there and then, that if you keep your mouth shut because they will be fined by Nokia for bridge of contrat. c", Nokia Flagship Stores were selling this phone for Php34,000 at the moment and they accept installment plan for credit card holders.

Next Up, my current anticipated device, N86 8MP, widely available in most stores. This device banks a very lucrative and enticing price of Php23,400 - Php25,000 and is available in Black or White. I call this phone the most feature packed best value phone at the moment due to its competitive price tag and high end features. I never thought this phone would cost this cheap, I was thinking it would be within the Php28,000 mark like that of N85 when it was first release. I was thinking of holding on a little bit longer before buying one, maybe the price will go down a bit but that if I can hold my lust.

Nokia E75, the current ESeries powerhouse is now within the Php17,000 - Php22,000 marked, a thousand peso lower when it first came out two weeks ago. Another good value phone in our midst. Of course this was targeted for the Business Savvy individual, perfect fit.

I was a bit surprise thought that my omnipotent N82 is back on top of the price list. Its currently being tagged at around Php15,500 - Php17,000 which is a lot higher than my previous post of Php13,500. Maybe their was a sudden increase of demand and fewer supply that's why the price soared. Rumor has it that the production of this phone have been cut already but no confirmation whatsoever from Nokia.

My other dream phone, N85 is now within the Php18,500 - Php20,000. A little to expensive I believe since its elder broad, the N86 8MP have been raoming already with a more powerful feature and specs. This phone will definitely be engulf by its predecessor in this Price range, so it has to be lowered a bit, at least to gain buyers.

Another new phone on the block was the very simple yet stylish Nokia 6700, a predecessor of the very successful Nokia 6300. The main attraction of this phone is its simplicity enriching the idea of elegance and usefulness. I would have been lured to go with this phone if I'm not a heavy entertainment and feature user but I'm not. Anyways, theirs a big market of this phone in the real world and the millions of 6300 devices sold will speak for that.

Finally the very successful 5800 XpressMusic which is now being regarded as the number one selling device via Telecom carrier in Europe. Very much significant I believe because it suites up to becoming the most selling touchscreen device in history, my Sony Ericsson fanatic brother has one. Its being price currently at Php14,000 - Php15,500 in most stores.

And will be it for now folks, more Price Watch coming you way.


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