Jul 3, 2009

Smart Telecom Offers Nokia Messaging Service On The Go.

Wow, what happen to Blogger.com this days, my scheduled articles were not publish on the specified date I wanted them to be posted, I'm supposed to have a post until yesterday, but I found out just today that my last post was still on July 1, creepy! Kindly check your system blogger, please!

Anyways, for one of my backtrack post, Nokia and Smart Telecom, Inc. teamed up to promote email messaging on the go to consumers via Smart Gold's Mobile Office. Nokia have powerful email messaging tools but have not been fully optimize by majority of the current users at the same time attracks possible users who wants to be connected to there office and personal emails anytime, anywhere.
As of the moment, two phones were tagged for the said service feature, the month long released savvy side sliding QWERTY, Nokia E75 and the morphed E71 version yet reliable power phone, E63, booth within different Plan bracket, E75 on Plan 2,500 while the E63 is under the the 1,800 Plan Segment. I would like to commend Smart for bringing E75 right away to their Phone list, its a very sleek and powerful tool to used.
It will used either of the Messaging feature of the phone, the Mail For Exchange, that is difficult to set up from a street persons point of view, and the Nokia Messaging which I'm currently using giving me pushed email via WIFI from email clients like Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, and Ovi Mail which also means every other Nokia phone with this Email features can enjoy the Mobile Office, in fact almost all Nokia S60 phones have this feature so its for everyone to use and enjoy.

Set up will still be under 3G internet browsing which is currently price at 10 pesos per 30 minutes of used. So its basically just as simple as accessing your emails at a certain period of time without the hassle of opening web browsers and not pushed email service anytime that I've been wishing for decades. I would have loved to see unlimited pushed email service from Smart and they can only do this by offering unlimited mobile 3G internet.


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