Aug 8, 2009

5800 XpressMusic To Account

As promised, here is my blow by blow account on the performance of the 5800 XpressMusic that accompany me through a growling trip to Asia's Latin City. I have two routes to choose from, the long yet safe way 11 hour trip via Dipolog City route or the short 9 hour trip yet dangerous path via Pagadian City where bandits loomed around with the least 10% chance of being robbed inside the bus specially now that the 2010 National Election is forth coming as most of this robbery groups where politically motivated or supported by politicians as they raise money to buy votes. I'm proud to say that I am wise enough to choose the safe one, nonetheless.

I left the house at around 5PM to catch up with the last air-conditioned bus for Dipolog City with a full battery. The moment I got up the bus, I took phone out and started the music player, I have a huge collection of music files in my memory card which ranges from different genre and my most fab recently, "The Scrubs" soundtrack collection which has mostly alternative songs in the 90's. I got this file from my bothers CD and ripped it out using the Nokia Music Manager. The phone undoubtedly excels well in the music arena with features dominating more against my N82. It sounds better and clearer using my A4Tech earbud headphone and the bass was loud and deep that I need to turn the bass widening off to minimize it.

The Ozamis to Dipolog route was a long 4 hour trip and I arrived in Dipolog city quarter to 9 and immediately went to Lee Plaza to grab a Chowking dinner and wrote this post, with the music player turned on all the time at a maximum volume, it was very surprising to know that the phones bar was still intact, that long hour unlimited music would have cost half of the battery life of my N82. Must have something to do with the music cheap that the 5800 has that minimizes battery consumption well, but whatever it is, the experience was commendable.

After staying for about an hour at Lee Plaza, I went back to the Dipolog City terminal to catch up with the 10PM bus trip to Zamboanga City. This is the last trip for the day and it will be the longest travel time which will cover a 6hour span. My first 2 hours was spend again on the music player and it was around 11:30PM when I first notice a drop on the battery meter, one bar down, and continue for about 30 minutes before I decided to turn it off so I can sleep because it was about midnight. I was sleeping the rest of trip but it was a shallow short lived because of my uncomfortable position and the bus's movement, oftentimes I got awaken with a sudden brake or a sharp curves which spoils everything.

I arrived in Zamboanga at around 4AM and went directly to the only 24 hour food shop in the area, Chowking, and zipped in a hot brewed coffee, it is where I wrote this part of the blog. I was tired with the trip and very sleepy and I need to be awake for the rest of the day to finish what I came here for. Offices opens at around 8AM so I need to conjure at least 3 hours, good thing though that this Chowing Store have wifi router, the Internet connection spare me away from boredom. The battery life of the 5800 when I arrive here was still on a 4bar stretch and after 2 hours of using wifi on the phone, it flashes its first battery low signal. It was high time for me then to retard the phone and went to business.

The phone did not bugged down at for the next 4 hours of standby with as much as 10 sms sent and receive, just in time that I finished my business transaction and decided to head home. It was almost 12 noon that the phone went empty giving a total of 2o hours power time after a gruesome 8hour music, 2hours of internet browsing via wifi, and several sms and calls. This is at about a half more to N82's battery life being submerge to the same scenario, a very commendable one. I hope my upcoming 5530 XpressMusic will carry the same fleet or even better. It doesn't have a 3G on it and I think that would matter in the overall battery performance of the phone. I only hope it arrives soon!


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