Aug 7, 2009

Mobile Phones at the Amazing Race 14

I know its a bit weird but while I was watching a re-run of the 14th Season of the Amazing Race on youTube, I couldn't help but notice the phones that popped out during the race. Of course most of them were unexpected because the racers were not allowed to carry mobile phones during the race. This phones just came out mostly when they want to book for tickets or ask for directions which usually happen inside a taxi and using the driver's mobile phone.

It really is worth mentioning because almost all phones that I saw where Nokia phones no less, that accounts to 100% I believe and I have images captured to this.

First Up, the Nokia 6300/6300i. This scene was taken when the racers where in Europe, they were on a train on the way to their next destination. A team asked fellow passengers for help on the location of their next clue box and this passenger was kind enough to help them get the best direction by texting somebody.

This I believe was either the Nokia 6280 or the 6500 Slide, or could be something else. This scene was again on a train and the racers where in Europe. Trains were famous inter country transport in the continent as well as Nokia phones. A call from a passengers friend with all the complete directions, that's what this a beautiful blond girl got when asking an old flirting man.

I believe this was the Nokia 1200 handed down by a taxi driver to one of the racers. This is one of the best strategy in the Amazing Race!

Did I just saw Nokia N82 Silver Edition used by this cab driver, if it is then, he is a one lucky guy, he has the most well rounded and the best cameraphone in the world. I believe it was something else hehe!

This looks like the Black version on the Nokia N70, I might be wrong but does looks the same. Again a taxi driver caught in the act of using his phone while driving, this is illegal! c", Anyways this leg of the race was somewhere in Asia.

The Nokia 2300 was shown here with a unique rounded buttons. it didn't look clear on the captured image but in the youTube video, the rounded button was very prominent.

And this is a wrap for now, I'm really looking forward to the 15th season of the Race. It was posted on the CBS webpage that the leg will start on September and that would be a month from now. Calendar marked!


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