Aug 6, 2009

Another Day With The 5800 XpressMusic

I was about to travel to Zamboanga City for an important seminar when a thought cross my mind and barged into my brother's snitched asking him to lend me his 5800 XpressMusic for 2 days. It was a bit of a surprise luring a hesitant reaction to his face but I don't think he has much choice because I bought it for him. c", He is a type of guy who doesn't really share stuffs with anybody and doesn't like borrowing rather plus the fact that he loves his phone very much, so it was a big decision for him to recur, nonetheless I would like to commend his accord.

I have learned though that the phone made a short trip to Nokia Care because the LCD broke leaving it blank and unusable, good thing that I brought the phone in a Nokia Authorized Dealer with warranty that the Service Center did not bother to ask for any payment, it would have cost Php2,000 for the LCD alone.

The moment I got hold on the phone, I immediately check the firmware version and upgrade it to the latest one since it still have the primitive v10 on it. I have to applaud Nokia in here, the Over The Air update is very smooth and fast in contrast to the Nokia Software Updater set up on my N82 which takes a lot of time and very risky to do. I hope this becomes a standard on most phones in the future. Like the 6120 Classic, the phone also installed all the save app's on my N82's memory card, I suppose its a standard rather but I was surprise to find out that 5800 did the same even if its running a 5th Edition OS, most application though did not open except Gravity, Friendster, Photo Browser, Mobiola and Themes. Mobiola was chappy with motion delays and I find it very uncomfortable to watch. I do hope DIVX could come up with a free .avi player for S60 5th Edition.

The phone still works great, I thought the UI was more faster to use compared to what I can remember and more responsive that I don't have to press icons several times before opening one. I do have issue on this phone with the landscape virtual QWERTY, I just can't master typing messages using a finger due to its cramp keys and the handwriting recognition is rather slow than helpful that I need to use T9 most of the time, can they at least make the QWERTY buttons bigger, theirs still a lot of space to utilize like maybe decreasing size the message box or the space button at the bottom. By the way the phone does have a cut and paste option but it seems that I cannot transfer cut files from the phones Draft to blogger, any idea how?

While the phone fails in the messaging department, it championed the Music arena in terms if features and longevity which I'm going to account every hour of it on my next post, ala battery mode test. For now, I'm still remastering the set up of the phone a bit and charging it. I'm off by 5PM. Stay Tuned!


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