Mar 30, 2010

Nokia N97 Mini on I Got The Feeling Music Video

Well it seemed that Nokia and the Black Eye Peas made a strong bond this past few months as I've notice another music video of them with a Nokia phone posted, the N97 Mini on the I Got The Feeling video, the sexy QWERTY sliding touched superphone. Well, it might have came out months ago but I only noticed it yesterday after watching Channel V accidentally while channel surfing. It came out twice in the early minutes of the video blazing its audacity to spell charm and interest to the video. Another well placed advertising for Nokia in here as the song make wave in the charts among music video channels like MTV, Channel V among others.

The N97 Mini is a powerful phone with design and form factor unlike no other, take a peek on its glorious fa├žade and dance your feeling out like what I did.


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