Mar 31, 2010

Travel and Places Wednesday! Dine In Style At The Palayan Restaurant

If you are tired of dining in usual places like food chains, hotels or at home maybe and you happen to be in Misamis Occidental then there is nowhere for you to go but visit the Palayan Seafood Restaurant situated in the lowly outskirt of Brgy Libertad Bajo, Sinacaban. I happen to discover this place accidentally when I was on my way to the Misamis Occidental Aquamarine Park, one of the province’s main tourist attractions, as it was a stone away from the park.

Enjoy the freshest sea foods and the most delicious native cuisine and dine in style on their Floating Cottages structured along cultivated fish and prawn ponds. The windy surrounding, natural scenery and the fresh sea smell invigorate diners experience giving anyone a perturbing appetite.

Palayan specialty includes Milked Crabs which according to their Manager, Wilter Reducto, the food to crave for and the main dish to beat, well I hope I could try this to prove the claim, calling Sir Walter? ;) Other specialty includes Sea Food Bilao, a combination of Crabs, Shrimp, Bangus and Squid, Breaded Shrimp and Prawn, Sinigang, Halabos, Lechon Kawali, Tuna and Chicken dishes among others.

They also offer VIP Rooms and Conference Hall that could house 150 quests for Conferences, Business Meetings, Parties and Weddings. Catering services and deliveries were also offered as well as Leisure activities like Boating and Fishing among others. I would love to try fishing because I never tried it before though it will only be confined within a pond; I want to experience how it feels like to capture one.

Seems like a lot of things could be discovered here, well if you’re curious enough, give them a buzz, contact Mr. Wilter A. Reducto, General Manager on this mobile number, 09087626861 or email him at


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