Apr 3, 2010

Excerpts Saturday! A Text Scam Or A Demise Campaign Strategy?

Last night my mom, sister, and I received a text message from this number, +639063560497, informing us that he/she is someone related overseas and that he/she have change her roaming number and is about to send a package back home. Weird since we don’t have a family member working abroad but what’s more peculiar about the message is the "sipag at tiyaga" quote at the end line which directly conveys the campaign slogan of a Presidential Bet, hah! A lame campaign strategy from the richest presidentiable at the moment, fooling people to believe on something to earn vote which makes me thought of the issues being thrown towards him, corruption involving the C5 project which was said to have earn him huge amount of money and benefits by fooling everyone.

The text was indeed related to his strategy as a businessman and politician, fooling people and take advantage of their innocence. The text serves as confirmation that he is indeed a cunning person who will do everything in his disposition to be elected even to the point to sending false messages to fool everyone. The person who promised to end corruption plaguing the country at the moment yet acting the other way around, is he is just again fooling people to deliver this promise to gain advantage like what he did with C5? It seemed so therefore we should not dare trust him in holding the country’s highest electorate position. He should, with all conviction not be allowed and not worthy to become the country’s next president. He will just become another burden our countries progress being somebody who can dare to lie and is capable of corrupting the minds of people for his own benefit. We will again be plunge to demise if he wins.

I was wondering how his team was able to access our numbers, the fact that the three of us were Globe Plan subscribers makes me think that Globe Telecom handed them this number or perhaps sold them for a remarkable price, did we not entrust the company with our private information, do they have the right to divulge our numbers to somebody? Is this some sort of a conspiracy? I would have not doubted this incident if I only receive the text alone since my number is posted on the blog for open inquiry but my sister’s and mother’s number were not. Wrong send cannot even be a possibility since we receive the same message, how can he or she mis-send the message to as much as three numbers?

Another unfair strategy of this presidential candidate is that of what GMA News have uncovered, the use of a partylist (Bata?) to extend his airtime limit. The partylist conveys a campaign directly related to the presidential candidate by using the same song, the same cast and characters thus implying the presidential candidate himself out of the partylist airtime expense, see how cunning he is? He is more dangerous that I thought since he has a way to curve rules to his advantage. This implicate something in and that is why..

I’m deeply troubled…


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