Jul 3, 2010

The Echelon Conspiracy

I have recently watch Echelon Conspiracy, a 2009 suspense thriller movie that tackles about the ugly truth of information’s technology that we currently have at the moment. The movie was similar to that of Steven Spielberg’s Eagle Eye where a government secret software project goes awry turning against humanity instead of helping it.

In the movie, the software can access and manipulate individuals via a mobilephone and street camera’s by the help of the internet. It can identify individual informations, location wherever they are, things they do, friends, love ones among others. It’s a given fact that this technology exists at the moment and therefore we are all vulnerable to possibility that it can happen to us.

Individual informations, does all of us have bank accounts? Yes we have and therefore everything about us is there in the information superhighway. We have facebook, friendster or twitter accounts therefore they have informations about our friends and love ones and last but not the list, we are hook to mobilephones therefore they know where we are because they can identify unique signals emitted by our devices. They can even hear our phone conversations or read our text messages.

So given all this facts, how can we define privacy now? For me, privacy is nothing more than an old fab, it was lost in time, lost when we decided to let other people protect our money and assets, lost when we embrace technology, when we connected to the world, when we decided to gain mobility and individuality via mobilephones, lost and will never be found unless we go outdated.

So if you are to choose, which would you rather have, privacy or connectivity? Make you choice!


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