Jul 2, 2010

Munch Punch Surprise on Ovi Store!

Surprise! I am especially when I found out that Munch Punch, a free mobilephone application software in Ovi Store identified two food chains near my place. Well at least we are not left behind anymore, nonetheless.

Munch Punch, Dishcover it, is a mobilephone application software created by Exponencia Inc. that is capable of searching food shops, restaurants, coffee shops among others wherever you are in the country. The software identifies the Name, Location and Contact Number of the shop toppled up with Menu, Pricelist among other helpful informations. It even provides a link for Delivery orders, pretty impressive. Who wouldn’t want to gain the option to plan ahead before you go out and dine.

On my part, this application suites me best being a traveler that goes to places that I never been to and being a freak who loves to eat and try every possible unique food as possible. Before, I have to search for restaurants or food shops manually by going around the city block or research local delicacies via the net, now with this application, I only have to identify the place where I’m at and presto, the list of restaurant nearby will be listed complete with menu’s, specialties and price.

My only problem with this application was that it’s not integrated to the Ovi Maps therefore there is no Navigational Guide and you have to manually search the location that was identified. Information’s as to the list of food shops listed were also not complete. In my place alone there were more than 50 and it only identified 2, both food chains and pretty much known and present nationwide so the thought of “dishcovering” dishes and specialties is not applicable. I can help Exponencia Inc. in completing the list if they want to, at least in my place.

Anyways, I have to give the application the benefit of the doubt being new, for starters they won’t be able to give thorough information’s yet as they are also discovering and for the fact also that the application is free so I couldn’t imagine how and in what way can they manage to gather information’s needed to boast there service. I want to suggest a tag price for this application in exchange for thorough information’s, whose with me?



You're right, there is no way for us to guarantee completeness, just like any other map/search provider. We'll welcome any help though. Feel free to email us at hello at (our domain name).

Thanks for the review. :)

- Alvin, from MunchPunch

Good Day Alvin,I can help you with this one but it would be gradual c",

I'll send you an email soon! Have a great day!

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