Jul 30, 2010

Nokia C6, Power, Convergence, Steal

Of the entire Nokia phone currently being toss up in the market today, I could say that it’s the Nokia C6 that I am very much excited about. It’s not because it has a jaw dropping specs and features like most of the current top of the line smartphones but because it is the most converged and the best of the best value smartphone that is far more worthy than its price. Imagine a phone that has the same features and specs that of the Nokia N97, the top of the line Symbian Flagship phone of Nokia (cost at around PhP19-22,000 at the moment), with a more mature Operating System (less hangs, bugs), squeeze into a solid plastic and priced at around PhP13,400 only, who wouldn’t be thrilled with such combination?

I would say that it’s a dream come true for the not so rich mobile freaks like me because at all last, we could finally own a power phone that streamlines within the high end in feature and specs but won’t cost us a fortune. As far as I can remember, the Nokia N97 cost at about PhP27,000-30,000 when it was introduce, now we can enjoy an N97-like experience half the price to that of the aforementioned.

The Nokia C6 has the following features and specs to boast, QWERTY keyboard, 3.2 Inches touch resistive screen, 240MB Internal memory, WIFI, Bluetooth, 5MP Carl Zeiss camera with LED flash, Geotagging and Face Detection (absent on N97), ARM 11 434Mhz processor, A-GPS with a lifetime Walk and Drive Navigation, Flash Lite 3.1, Nokia Messaging among others, nothing much of a different from the specs found on the N97, even more better in some parts.

If I would be ask if I’ll buy this phone, yes I would and yes I’m very excited owning one, at least I can finally join the bunch of touch freaks who enjoys the most number of customizations and applications being the current hype, now I could be one with the crowd!


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