Jul 31, 2010

Nokia C3 Event Reminder, Up Close and Personal

It’s already July 31st folks, the day to go big time and have a good time with the luscious and stylish Nokia C3. I’ve been to one of the Nokia Flagship Stores yesterday and got a hold one up close, the phone looks incredibly hot! Its runs in between Jeniffer Gardner and Jeniffer Aniston hotness meter so imagine that for a description. Anyways, I was really surprise with how the phone looks like, it was so good that it would captivate your imagination, enigma, I would say. Holding it is equally as great, it has a curve back that perfectly fit my hand giving an illusion of thinness. The back cover has also a metal-like plastic cover giving a solid illusion like that of the E72, a huge leap forward to Nokia’s design and engineering.

I haven’t got a chance to try the software though but given the fact that it has a fast processor and running the mature Symbian 40 operating system, I don’t see any problem that would arise from it. It would also have Nokia Messaging service on it and the rest of the connectivity options so it would be more than work horse device.

So folks, if you want a great value phone that could offer a good mobile connectivity experience, grab the discounted Nokia C3 with feebies in participating Nokia Flagship Store or authorized Nokia Dealers near you today!


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