Oct 21, 2010

The Nokia N8 Chronicle Day 2, Photo Shoot

The first day was huge for the Nokia N8, being exposed, admired and adored, it has lived up to what it do best, impressing people with its powerful features. I haven’t met anyone yet that have not react positively with the phone, it was made to charm people… how I wish I was made like the N8! :D

05:00 AM, +8GMT, September 17, 2010

Woke up early to attend a Sunday mass, it had been my lifetime promise to give an hour of my time to the Lord no matter how busy I am. It will also be the perfect day for the Nokia N8 to take its pose, paparazzi style in preparation of my first impression article! I’m supposed to be taking an off every Sunday but with Benchbook Inspection prepping any day of the week, I preferred to work for staff briefings and document preparations… And so it was a busy day ahead of me, two equally important monumental tasks.

07:00 AM, +8GMT, September 17, 2010

After the mass, I took my phone out and surf the web. I was actually surprise to find out that the phone was running a 3.5G on a Smart Network so I have no problem surfing. I’m using Smart Internet when surfing even if there was no Smart signal in most part of my house because it’s not very obvious that the network is by far faster in mobile internet connectivity. Even if Globe Telecom has a full signal here in my place, there mobile internet sucks!

Took my sumptuous breakfast then with my Nokia N8, it’s not the usual that I take my phone with me while eating but I just can’t take my eyes off the phone, that’s exaggerated of course, I was reading RSS news feeds. c”,

Traveled to my cousin’s abode then to borrow his DLSR camera, we don’t have a single professional camera at home except for my oldie Nokia N82. It was a brief visit since I still have to go to work. I was actually curious on the way he will react with the phone being an iPhone user but he didn’t say anything. Curious?!

08:00 AM, +8GMT, September 17, 2010

I got home and started a fast and furious photo shoot since I need to dash to work afterwards. Never had a problem with the shoot thought, the phone looks great in all angles. Got a problem only on the camera set up, I already forgot how since the last time that I borrowed it was 6 months ago. I encountered a focus problem c”, Cute!

9:00 AM, +8GMT, September 17, 2010

I was in my office for the first time with the Nokia N8 and as I had expected, the phone became an instant hit to everyone that they all wanted to be taken a picture with it. Weird? Well, that’s us, in this part of the world. It’s not usual for people here to see such a high technology on a mobilephone so they all want to jump up and take a piece of the picture.

12:00 Noon, +8GMT, September 17, 2010

Lunch break, took my time off from work and wrote my impression article and Day 1 Chronicle. Yes it was again bloody but I’m not worried at all because I’m inside a hospital, whatever happened, I am just a breath away from an Emergency rescue! c”,

It’s really fun writing about something that you love and share it to everyone, gives meaning to your life. Having discovered Nokia N8 is more than just fun, its life on the edge.

Then the Blackout struck!

2:00 PM, +8GMT, September 17, 2010

Got back to work and made a mock inspection to my staff, I’m glad that they made a lot of improvements overall. While I was interviewing them, my Nokia N8 keeps beeping notifications asking attention. Aside from my regular SMS and calls, I also set my Nimbuzz application for twitter to check and buzz up every 15 minutes for new tweets. This is what I like most about Nimbuzz as a twitter client, notification feature.

Then an idea came to mind, a good topic to discuss in the blog! How can a Nokia N8 help me in my line of work? Hhhmmm?

05:00 PM, +8GMT, September 17, 2010

Went home from a long days work, tired but being able to play with my Nokia N8 for the rest of the day gives me an adrenaline rush. I wasn’t able to play with the phone much last night because I’m not feeling well after my hyperacidity breakdown. As soon as I got home, I started playing with the phone and familiarize it further.

I have problem actually in setting up few accounts. I know I am playing the dummies game again as I cannot seemed to set up my email account and social application client pre-installed in the phone. I have also discovered that there were no pre-installed games in the phone so I have to access Ovi Store.

The new Ovi Store by the way is a big step forward for Nokia. It has now evolved to a more user friendly client with easy access to previously installed applications, recommended applications with an intuitive and intelligent interface. I was glad to find out that the client did not ask for the phone I’m currently using..intelligent! The service integration of Nokia was also improved, I was not asked anymore for usernames or password every time I access Nokia services, thumbs up!

08:00 PM, +8GMT, September 17, 2010

I have already downloaded more applications that ever, favorite apps such as Opera Mobile, Foursquare, ScreenSnap (for review purpose), Gravity, youTube, Sports Tracker, T. Clock and Flashlight. Some new to discover, TuneWiki, nUnlock, Angry Birds, Dilbert, Gedda-Headz, Alien PinBall and NFS Shift.

Among the application I downloaded, the Gravity was quite a revelation; it just looks fantastic on the N8. The side sweep, smooth kinetic scrolling, big images, support to a lot social networking sites among others. I was quite impress with the application that I will be featuring the app on the blog soon and compare how it was then and now.

Summed Up:

My day 2 with the Nokia N8 can be describe as unmasking, the phone and the user interface that I thought I know more than anything, pulls off some interesting surprises. From the photo shoot that inks permanent memories to working extra hard on Sunday to make a marked, Nokia N8 continues to flare up and pull pleasing imprints. Day 3 Chronicle is up, watch out for it.

Images of the day!


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