Oct 24, 2010

The Nokia N8 Chronicle Day 3, Scared and Celebrate

Monday morning, start of the working week, though I didn’t took my day off, I still feel refreshed and rejuvenated because I have my N8 with me. Second day was monumental for the phone throwing down impressive performances all throughout and today will be another show off as I was invited to attend my Aunt’s birthday party, the mother of my cousin whom I borrowed a DLSR camera and the very iPhone user who didn’t comment on the phone when he saw it, best time to observe his reaction this time. :D

06:00 AM, +8GMT, September 18, 2010

Woke up early for my morning routine, as tiring as it seems but I’m the morning chef in the family so I cooked everyone’s breakfast. If you’ll ask what my specialty is, that would be egg sunny side up, instant noodles and sardines with sugarcane vinegar, very complicated and hard dishes. Anyways, my assistant for the day is of course my Nokia N8, I’m using it to play music on loudspeaker to set my cooking mode on. The phones loudspeaker is loud enough, not as loud as my oldie Nokia 6233 or my brothers Nokia 5800 but certainly not as (bad) as my Nokia N82. It has crispier tone, clear sound with good bass when played in mid volume but becomes distorted in full loud volume.

It’s exactly the opposite though when you’re using the earphone, I would say that it is the best of the best music quality I have heard so far in a mobilephone. I may not be a music quality expert but I can surely differentiate the difference between bad, good and best. The phone gives the loudest and the dippiest bass I ever heard just like what you heard when you’re watching a Dolby surround theater. The phones sound quality is just great, best so far.

07:00 AM, +8GMT, September 18, 2010

Breakfast with the star, beaming me up with the latest happenings around the globe. I have a twitter account that handles all my newsfeed in one set up where I follow CNN, Reuters, GMA News , Philippine Daily Inquirer, among other news organization. I have a free trial Gravity with me so it just gave me the best reading experience I could ever imagine.

08:00 AM, +8GMT, September 18, 2010

In my office and dodging on my work, with Benchbook Inspection in the midst, I could hardly relax a bit, I need to constantly check my staff and our documents. Benchbook standard is a continuous quality check not only of the hospitals structure but everything, staff, management, service among others. The scenario was that we did not pass the first wave of inspection and the upcoming check was our last chance to pass or else we will loss our accreditation. Pressured, I am especially because on the line was my work, my reputation (haha) and the livelihood of my staff and their families.

12:00 Noon, +8GMT, September 18, 2010

Lunch break, took my time off from work and wrote my Day 2 Chronicle. It was brief stint with fallacious grammars because I head over Ozamis City to print pictures. I actually took images of my staffs to be pasted on the organizational chart using the phone so it’s a pure test of the phones capability. The mug shoots will be printed in 2x2 size and I have no idea how far or near the distance of the camera would be from the subject so it’s a blind wild guess.

1:00 PM, +8GMT, September 18, 2010

Time for the truth and only the truth, the printed result of the images taken… well, how can I say it, just perfect, I am not sure thought if the Photo Shop made some editing before printing but everything came out great. Color and texture were fine especially and face sizes were just enough to fit on a 2x2 scale, great estimate.

The internet connectivity was really fast within the city limits, it’s like connecting to WIFI no less. The problem though was the phones battery condition; it tends to get a bit hotter when you used the phones web browser for surfing and accessing Ovi Store. Gravity and Nimbuzz doesn’t show this problem though as well as other 3rd application softwares.

And speaking about Ovi Store, I can’t seem to connect to the service using a WIFI, it will only connect to my SIM network. I already check all the settings and adjust every possible set up to Always Ask before connection but it didn’t work. Please check this out Nokia Team.

2:00 PM, +8GMT, September 18, 2010

Back to work and back to terror mode, fun terror mode. :D I have to be strict specially that a lot of things are at stake.

Then the good news came, the date of our inspection, it will be in 2 days time for the DCH and 4 days time for RMC. Yes, I’m handling two facilities at the moment. DCH though got a passing mark already 2 months ago and they well just recheck the facility if it had sustained the standards set and as I mentioned earlier, the RMC scenario ICU critical.

5:00 PM, +8GMT, September 18, 2010

Head to my Aunts house for the birthday celebration! Perfect opportunity for the N8 to show its imaging prowess again. There were actually several visitors who attended the get together so I did not hesitate to take out the phone and started taking some shoots. Then came the admiration from everyone who saw its resulting images, amazed and curious they all started to ask questions about the phone, its price, etc. If I were a salesman for the N8, I will never have a hard time selling the phone since it will just speak for itself. Talking about a true selling power here!

Okay so my iPhone user cousin finally got a hold on the phone and throws some comments. He still thinks that iPhone has a better user interface (typical response) and that the iPhone is faster in playing Angry Birds. He actually commented that Nokia copied every detail of the game on the iPhones, I told him it’s because Apple did not made the game but Rovio who happened also to support Symbian platform. Aside from those he didn’t say anything anymore. Again curious, was it because he felt triggered with N8? c”,

Then I got tipsy by drinking Tanduay straight on the rocks.

9:00 PM, +8GMT, September 18, 2010

Returned back to the hospital to continue mock interviews to the staff, call that overtime but with recently receive news about our final schedule, I have no choice but to do so to make everything perfect. Told you I’m super busy!

Summed Up:

My day 3 with the N8 calls for a celebration for Nokia, the phone by all means have proven to be very impressive and attractive no doubt and that would from everyone who saw and tried it except my iPhone user cousin who I cannot gauge. It has actually overshadowed the iPhone throughout the party since 3GS cannot come up with such impressive image results. Poor thing!

Images of the day!


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n8-powered lifestyle.. nice..

planning on buying n8 but I still have some apprehensions because I got victimized by a bad build quality when I bought n97 mini.

I even wanted to sell it the moment I took it out from the package.

is n8's build quality good? I mean no bumps on the screen, uneven LCD lighting, etc.?

Kind-a meticulous about these things..

Hi again GLEE,

you can never be wrong with the Nokia N8, it has a superb built quality, probably the best among mobilephones, no bumps on the screen, no uneven lightning as you've mentioned, etc.

I think Nokia had made it a point that the N8 hardware must and should impress because they have a lot to catch up in the touch arena.

I'm an N97 mini user. Bought this phone 9 months ago. I have no major problem with it in terms of daily mobile connectivity - sending text, making calls, web browsing, media playbacks, taking photos - I'm satisfied with the phone's performance. My N97 mini is what keeping me from upgrading to N8. And waiting before buying a newly released Nokia handset has its advantages. Nine months ago, the mini costs php23,495. Today it sells at php18,000. So I guess I'm gonna wait when the N8 will be cheaper then and software has been updated courtesy of the first batch users' demand. Btw, I accessed this page and posted this comment using my N97 mini over a GSM packet data connection and the Smart-powered Opera mini browser.

i agree with you on the N97 mini, its a gud phone overall with its top of the line connectivity features c", i have tried it few months ago and loved it like you did.

Im also waiting for the price of the phone to drop before buying one, its a very worthy upgrade to the Mini, very very worthy!

You guys were lucky you got a good stock.

Maybe mine was just one of the few bad stocks... or I'm just meticulous... or both.. :)

I don't have any major issues with the cellphone, though. Feature-wise I mean.

N8's price has dropped in ebay.. I'm getting mine for PhP 21,499 with 1 yr Nokia Warranty. It will arrive in 2 days..

I just can't wait...

Enjoy the phone dude c", Its really worth buying. My trial device will be returned soon and I'm planning to get the Green one.

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