Dec 9, 2010

Travel and Places: Ozamis City’s Immaculate Conception Fiesta 2010

Ozamis City’s Patron Saint is Our Lady of Immaculate Conception that is why it blissfully celebrates its feast yesterday December 8, 2010. Of course I cannot be missing it being a devoted Catholic myself and that it could be great feature to the blog.

I was there only in the morning though because I was only granted a half day leave from work but nonetheless the best part of the celebration happens in the morning like the Mass at the Immaculate Conception Cathedral and the Procession. Most of the crowd drawing side trip events were held in the evening like the concert and the fireworks display but I wasn’t able to go because I’m a kill joy (KJ)! Hah kidding aside but I was tasks to watch the house for the evening.

I believe this was not the city’s main feast because when I was roaming around, everything seemed regular, stores and offices were open and as well as the banks. This would mean that the city did not announced a special non working holiday except that the schools suspended the their classes unlike the Birhen sa Cotta celebration held very July where a street Mardi Gra is being held that draws crowd from nearby towns and cities.

Anyways got some excerpt photos of the event using my all reliable shooter, the Nokia N82. Hope you find it educational at the same time a waste of time. c”, Enjoy!


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