Jan 21, 2011

Symbian Foursquare Application, Sym4Square by ThinkChange

I'm a Foursquare freak, its like one of the very reason why I mobile surf aside from Twitter,My blog, Facebook, Friendster, Yahoo Messenger, Multiply, Tagged... and that its a religion here in the Philippines! Kidding! c", Oh well, consider the first two mentioned true and the religion but really, I use foursquare a lot lately because of Sym4Square that I downloaded recently created by ThinkChange. Its still in beta testing but it shows very promising features.

What I like most about the app was its ability to calculate the distance of nearby places to check-in in reference to my current location. It helps me find nearby shops, restaurants or hang outs to visit. More like a map calculating distances.

I also like the ability of the application to manually search for a location and friends via email, facebook, twitter, etc. Other current foursquare app doesn't do this at the moment.

Stroll on friends profile and get information's being shared by them like email address, twitter and facebook accounts as well as mobilephone number. Quite handy isn't it?

The app though on the other hand isn't very attractive design wise and its not savvy to used compared to let say Gravity with all those side scrolls. They need to work on the design particularly on restructuring the Main and Exit buttons, it needs to go down and join the Me, Places and Friends buttons on the bottom so its easily accessible.

They could also integrate side swipe to make it savvy to use, perhaps theme customization as well as images of friends on the lists grid. Most importantly if possible, specify turn to turn direction of identified check-in places in reference to current location for it to be more informative and interesting to use rather than just identify distance. Could also be intergrated to Ovi Maps to make to more interactive.

FYI: Foursquare is really a religion here in the Philippines, no kidding! c",


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