May 30, 2012

Nokia 808 PureView? Nokia Philippines Teases with a Weekend Announcement!

"Something BIG is coming this weekend. What do you think it is, Nokianatics?" This is the phrase with an inset image that Nokia Philippines posted this morning via their official Twitter and Facebook client raising speculations on what it might be.

Baffling, I would say, Nokia Philippines made it sure that their announcement will leave readers bemuse at the same time excited. From the looks of it, the image seems to signify color variants of the Nokia Lumia 900, the Cyan, White, Black and Magenta while it also looks like a by-product of the most powerful cameraphone in the market, the Nokia 808 PureView, being taken with precision and quality.

Well, if its indeed, Nokia Lumia 900, then I think its about time that Nokia Philippines gave it a release date. The phone had already undergone a successful launching event so its high time for it to be available to public.

On the other hand, if its the Nokia 808 PureView, then I think its about time for me to start accruing funds, my blog needs a new and better shooter and a new inspiration.

Since its going to be unveiled this weekend and I'm just so happen to be somewhere in Manila by then, I might be able to witness the event up close as it unfolds. Very excited here, no wait, make that 808-900x excited! Stay tuned! ;D


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