Jun 11, 2012

Nokia 808 PureView, The Inclusive Apps

Or should I say the unofficial inclusive applications of a Nokia 808 PureView having use a prototype version of the phone. These apps could be changed or removed in the final software version but nonetheless still worth featuring on the blog.

I didn't have enough time though to open all since I have to cover 3 other phones but somehow I’m already familiar with some of them.

1. Silent Film Director

The name of the app speaks for itself, it’s a kind of application that would allow users to create a movie or video directly on the phone. With its superior camcorder feature, the phone is a potent device for making independent films and movies. Well, I'm seriously considering to make one if I get to own the phone, I'm a big movie fan and it would be best to challenge my artistic self every ones in a while.

2. DLNA Play

Still related to the phones ability to shoot excellent still images and videos, the app allows easy syncing and playing of files to any DLNA compatible devices and share them to a wider audience. Oh well, I don't have any of these devices in the house so I probably won't be able to use it.

3. Joikuspot

The phone has the Joikuspot application that allows the phone to become a Hotspot and share its data connection to other WIFI capable devices. This is a third party application and sold individually to other Symbian device, I'm not sure if it will be offered free on the phone. Joikuspot is Symbian’s answer to the tethering capability of iPhones and select Windows Phone and Android devices.

4. Angry Birds
5. Asphalt 6
6. Block Breaker
7. Bounce
8. Let’s Golf 2

Quite a number of games on the phone, these made the kid part of me very happy but I'm not sure if they are full versions of the game. I predict that I can only play at least two of these games religiously. I don't really play much on my phones lately except in really boring circumstances.

Well, that’s about it folks! Then again I have to remind everyone that the phone is not the retail version so there might be a lot of changes on the apps line-up. Looking forward to try all of this individually given a chance or when I get to buy one in the future. (Cross my finger!)


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