Jun 10, 2012

Nokia 808 PureView, The Two Hour Encounter

It's not very obvious that I'm head over heels longing for this phone ever since it was announced at the Mobile World Congress 2012. For someone who relies on a handy cameraphone to scout and capture blog stories, the monstrous 41MP carrying Nokia 808 PureView is heaven sent.

First Impression, most probably the only blog post thats adequate enough for a two hour encounter, but nonetheless, I'm very thankful that I had the chance, not everyone is given a moment to play around with the phone at this early stage. Also, the unit that I tried was a Prototype, meaning it wasn't the final version software-wise other than the hardware so I could only share limited information about it, but hopefully I will be able to get a review unit very soon.

So let’s begin with the Hardware...

The Nokia 808 PureView is one of the most beautiful phones I've seen up close. It was made to draw people’s attention with its intricate design and construction. The white version looks gorgeous and classy up front with its deep black screen facade brought about by the ClearBlack Display technology and the white frame that surrounds it, while the back part imparts an excellent design spectacle. Nokia designers were able to come up with a perfect and artsy guise to complement the thick and protruding 41MP camera to the phone's overall look, an excellent move and a huge leap forward compared to the Nokia N8. The front screen display was somewhat contoured but wasn’t as curve as the display design in the Nokia N9 or the Nokia Lumia 800 that gives a pleasurable swipe.

Holding it in the hand gives a solid and elegant impression. Built quality is decent with its high grade plastic cover; sturdiness is prominent even in the absence of any metal components and its lighter to hold. If you're somehow looking for a phone with an almost perfect grip, then this is the very device on my top list. I have not hold a mobilephone as comfortable and as satisfying as the Nokia 808 PureView, the phone’s 123.9 x 60.2 x 13.9 mm dimension and curve back cover is matchless compared the confusing square design of iPhone 4S or the humongous width of the Galaxy S3.

Software and User Interface

As mentioned earlier, the phone is a prototype version but from the looks of it, the software, Symbian Belle Feature Pack 2, had already manifested a different level of user experience, a smoother, faster and fluid one compared to the current version on my Nokia N8. It was like using a greatly improved operating system; no more freezing of frames when scrolling application up and down at the menu page; no more lags in swiping Homescreen left to right; no more delays in opening apps, among others. All it had is a slick and continues handling of touch commands.

Of all the operating system in the market at the moment, only Symbian is developing internally and remarkably. I’m very positive that it can trump the top two leading OS at the moment when it comes to user interface, the iOS and Windows Phone, if it will be continuously developed. Other changes to the current version include new widgets, more interactive settings and a better system app processing.


So, just how good and worthy the camera is with its monstrous specs and features? Excellent I would say but I'm not going into details yet as the phone had again a prototype software version. This feature is highly crucial as it is the main selling point of the phone so I’ll spare it for now, but nonetheless, several sample images of the Nokia PureView's final software versions were already on the web capturing breathtakingly impressive images.

Wrap up

I was more than happy with my first encounter with the phone; it was unexpectedly exceptional in many ways. More than enough, I'm delighted that it was running Symbian because it will redeem the software from the negative impressions that hurdles it. Symbian had greatly evolved, even the fiercest detractors attest to that. It’s about time for it to take the center stage and seal its stand on the league of modern Operating Systems.

They say the phone is a breakthrough technology, well, I would like to call it a masterpiece since it will go down in history as the greatest high-end Symbian device to ever exist.


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