Oct 22, 2012

The Imminent Death of Android Tablets

A bold statement I would say but basking on human behavior of commonality and integration, the death of Android tablet range is inevitable as the coalesce of productivity and raw performance brought about by laptop and personal computer, and the savvy user experience and entertainment features of tablet touch devices, reshapes computer technology creating a single and powerful ecosystem for both via Windows 8.

History will show us how the market of beepers dwindles down as manufacturers combines telephone with SMS; how mp3 player market nose dive as mobilephones begins to integrate music players to its features; nor the conventional digital cameras with the advent of camerphones, all these were effects of technologies combining into one.

Well, people might say that they can do all laptop/pc works on their Android tablets but have these people really tried doing so, because base on my experience, it’s really far-fetched. Never in my entire experience had I consider doing serious computer stuffs on my android tablet simply because it’s just not possible no matter how I tried and would have wanted it. This existing Android tablets runs only on mobile operating systems that could only handle young girly stuffs like surfing, chatting, playing 2D games, among others, it cannot handle heavy stuffs like professional Photoshops, Movie Makers, Adobe Flash, etc., the computing power is just not there.

With Windows 8 integrating sleek touch user interface to its solid base, users could enjoy the best of both worlds eliminating the aforementioned on the picture. Like most of the computer consumers at the moment, people will not only look for savvy devices but also those that can do a whole lot more.

You might also asked why I only mentioned about Android tablets and not the market dominant iPad, well, that’s because Apple is already working on a system that would integrate more Mountain Lion functionality to iPad devices in the future giving it a raw functionality compared to the aloft relationship of Android system to its Linux ascendant. Even if Linux will make a move, will they really matter with its merely nonexistent market presence? Goggle won’t like it as well so there is no future on the relationship to ponder upon. 

Like the beepers, mp3 players and conventional digital cameras, Android Tablets will start to lose market share as soon as Windows 8 devices come out, but it will die a slow and natural death. Android ecosystem will then thrive on smartphones and feature phones to survive as it was initially intended, while Windows 8 will dominate computer space taking the Windows Phone 8 along with it.


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