Dec 25, 2012

Chinese Lining Up On The Street For The Nokia Lumia 920, They Sure Know How To Recognize Cutting-Edge Technology

Chinese buyers were smart alright, as a proof, they ramp up Nokia Store in Shanghai, China to get a hand on the most innovative smartphone to date, the Nokia Lumia 920!

This was quite opposite actually to the reported subdued reception of iPhone5 when it was released a week ago. Forbes reported that they only saw two people lining up on a certain Apple Store to buy it. They even predict that China will soon be over the iPhone fever.

Well, back to the Lumia 920, I'm pretty sure these people were not just up for the brand, they line up because they know what they could get out of it, a smartphone with excellent built and construction, outstanding design, ultramodern wireless charging technology, superior PureView Camera with floating lens stabilization, high-caliber PureMotion HD+ with extra sensitive capacitive touchscreen, exclusive and unparalleled Nokia App Services like Nokia Maps, Nokia Drive, Nokia City Lens, and so much more, who would ever want to miss buying this genius piece of work?

Accordingly, no official count yet as to the number of device sold for the day but one thing is for sure, they sold quite a number base on the captured queues, incidents like this doesn’t happened on a regular day, one or two, it all happened for a reason.

I suppose this is going to be a Happy Christmas for Nokia, well they deserve it, the Nokia Lumia 920 is very much worth the hype.

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