Dec 30, 2012

Top 5 Most Read Articles of 2012: Double, Righteous, Lights and Everything in Between!

2012 is coming to an end ladies and gentlemen and one of the best way to cheer the departing year is to feature the best of the its best, the blogs most read articles.

Just like the trend in 2011, all articles that made it to the list were related to mobilephones, quite reasonable enough, having wrote almost 80% about it. I should consider balancing my articles for next year, the blog is not just about mobilephones, its about everything that life has to offer.

My written posts also shrink this year, my schedules were really getting hectic day by day specially that my law school gets tougher, but even so, I still manage to post 326 out of 364 days, not bad but it may get worst in 2013.

So back to the topic, which articles were the most viewed this year? Lets begin!

5. Conversations with Nokia Lumia 800, First Take

I posted this article in March 27, 2012 detailing part one of my three parts review of the Lumia 800 which Nokia Conversations lend me for trial, few weeks before its official release in the Philippines. The device was quite popular that time which in turn channeled a lot of page views but perhaps the main reason why the article earned so much attention was because the review was featured by Nokia Philippines in their official website alongside other review articles from top tech blogs and websites in the country. It was frantic then, I never thought anybody would take my reviews seriously. Up to now I still believed that they just made a serious mistake in featuring my review, like really!

4. Confirmed! Nokia Lumia 920 and 820's Philippine Release Date

Immensely popular, the least two words I can bests describe the Nokia Lumia 920 and 820 since this article already made it as one of the the most read article of the year even if I only posted it 4 weeks ago! What more, the article even made it to #10 of the blog's all time view lists making the fastest climbing article of all racking down 3-4 year old ones in short span of time and breaking record views in unimaginable phase. The overwhelming page views came from search inquiries which would only mean that tens and hundreds of thousands were searching for the phones release date and maybe eagerly waiting to buy one. Its starling, very much unexpected.

3. Nokia Asha 200 Pep Talk Part 2, Software, Browser, eMail, Camera, Wrap Up

I brought this phone to serve as my business reloader device for teo of the country's leading telecom networks, but it gave me more than what I expected, a lot of blog visitors and page views via my review article on the phone. This also proves how popular the phone is besides the fact that its one of Nokia bestseller in 2012. As of the moment, I'm just glad that I bought the phone for myself.

2. Nokia 110, The Most Affordable Dual Sim Internet Device

I also brought this phone as my reloader device last June 2012 before the Nokia Asha 200 with the review article posted on the 29th of the same month. The phone was a fine one but it did not settled well enough for me as a perfect reloader device so I have to ditched it a week after. That was just me though, the phone rocks in popularity and the blog is riding along with it.

1. Nokia 101 Review, Basic and Staunch

The run away winner actually since the page view difference of this review post and that of  Nokia 110 was more than half. I posted the article February 2012 and since then, up to know the back links were still outrageous that it now scored #4 on the all time hit list and still growing. Who in the world wont be curious and attracted on this phone, its very affordable and well built and its the first Dual SIM running phone from Nokia. For the same reason as Nokia Asha 200 and Nokia 110, the phone serve as my reloader device but of the 3, I've used this the longest.

Well, their you go folks, the blog's most popular articles of 2012. As you might noticed, most of which are entry level Dual SIM phones and by reason of finding the person reloader device, well I guess I need continue this madness because its good for the blog. I already had my eyes on the new breeds of Nokia Dual Sim phones at the moment, lets see if they'll invade the top lists again next year. I'm also looking forward to the Nokia Lumia 920, the phone would definitely bring a lot more visitors to the blog as it begins to roll out internationally. Lets see how everything plays, 2013 is in 2 days.


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