Mar 16, 2013

The Nokia Lumia 920 Chronicle: Day 1, Getting Started

As mentioned in my Preview article, I’ll be bringing a blow-by-blow feature on the most advance smartphone in the planet. If this is your first time to visit the blog, I usually write a journal of my trialled devices as a way of giving readers an overview of the phones functionality, guide them on the basic important operations and set-ups, its day to day applicability, my opinion on certain aspects and most importantly, how people around me react to it. In short, it’s a geek’s diary, bared.

Probably like most of you, I consider myself a newbie to the Windows Phone system. Yes, I’ve trialled a Nokia Lumia 800 before but it bugged down on the second day having a beta pre-production software version so I wasn’t really able to make the most of it. Anyways, the Windows Phone is a whole different and unique system from Symbian, Android or iOs, so this article might help get you way through it easily.

14:30 +8GMT, March 13, 2013

Drop by DHL office to pick up my package, open it a bit to check if everything was there; papers, unit and accessories. First encounter accords first impression and it was definitely a looker in yellow, now I know why it is the most in-demand color of all the variants, its classy beautiful.

If you are currently using a phone with a regular SIM size, then you probably need to visit your local operator to secure a microSIM. It was the first thing I excitingly did because I can flaunt my new shinny Nokia Lumia 920 to Globe Telecom people. The customer service rep who entertained me was very surprise to see it and asked me where I got one because he had been waiting for it for quite some time. I told him that it was just a trial device and that the official Philippine version is already available in Manila and could be coming locally in a few days. I could really feel his excitement over the device especially now that he saw it up close.

FYI: The SIM slot is on top of the phone and needs a SIM door key to open. You can find the key on the box, just be careful not to lose it.

Just push the key into the hole until the holder is released, and pull the holder out.

Put the SIM on the holder face up and push the holder back into your phone until it locks into place.

After turning the phone on, it will asks for basic set up information’s like the Date and Time, Location, Microsoft Account, etc. Don’t fret out if you don’t have an account yet, you can set this up later via a WiFi connection (most preferred), or create one on the spot with the use of your mobile data.

Tip: After inserting the microSIM, go to the Settings right away, then on the System page, scroll down and find the Mobile Network , then Data Connection and turn it off. This is to prevent automatic connection to data that will consume your prepaid load or increase your phone bill.

15:00 +8GMT, March 13, 2013

Drop by a nearby Donuts store to tinker the set up further because I’m bothered by the phones dim screen, farfetched from what I expected since it has the PureMotion HD+ technology. Fortunately, brightness was set to automatic, you can turn this off and increase the brightness to your liking. To gauge how good the PureMotion HD+, I set mine the highest level. Well, indeed, the technology was superior, the screen is super bright and the live tiles moves fast without lag making it very pleasurable to look at.

Overall, the phone needs a little effort and perseverance to familiarize its system being way too different. But to compare it with Android, Windows Phone is easier because you don’t need to figure obb’s, sdcards, among the rest of the geeky stuffs.

After all the basic set-ups, the need to transfer data from my old phone was my next dilemma to hurdle, well, after a bit of scrolling among the apps, I found the Transfer My Data that has the feature to copy contacts and text messages from any phone with Bluetooth support. It’s convenient, yes, but not enough since it’s limited to contacts and text only, no transfer of calendar information’s, images, videos or music. Perhaps Microsoft could improve this app in the future?

FYI: The phone really catches a lot of attention making me a bit nervous at first, but don’t worry, you’ll get used to it. :D

17:00 +8GMT, March 13, 2013

Got back home but wasn’t able to play around the phone because it drained. There was also a power interruption going on so I have no choice but to suppress my excitement.

20:00 +8GMT, March 13, 2013

Fully charged, I resume customizing the phone setting all the accounts (Nokia, Xbox, Microsoft, SkyDrive,Emai) and downloading necessary apps through WiFi connection. Being a social network freak, Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare apps were on my top download lists. I was also curious about #2InstaWithLove so I downloaded it as well.

For Twitter, I tried several app like TweetCaster, moTweets, Rowi and Ocell but all failed to live up with Gravity on Symbian. I settled for the official Twitter app instead. For Facebook, I tried Facebook+, Facebook Pro, Facebook HD, Facebook Touch among the rest, but all failed and settled also for the official Facebook app developed by Microsoft. I prefer the official app for Foursquare as well.

I also set up the Music Player and happy to find out that the heavy Zune software was replace by the easily configurable Windows Phone app. My only problem with the app was that, it doesn't recognize my existing playlists created using Nokia PC Suite. I have to create another one using Windows Media Player.

Windows Phone app also allows access to the Phones memory storage making the transfer of files as easy as drag and paste. I could still remember how tedious this process back then using the Zune software especially on movie files since Zune will still convert video files to .wmv during the transfer.

Spent the rest of the night then in customizing my Homescreen, and learning some of its tricks.

Wrap up:

Day one was excellent so far, full of surprises and good impressions. I also felt the need to figure everything out because I’m planning to bring it to work, the next day. I want it look as impressive and as advance as possible to convince people to switch. Did it play the way I wanted? Day 2 chronicle up ahead, watch this space.


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