Mar 27, 2013

The Nokia Lumia 920 Chronicle: Day 3, More At Home

If Day 1 was adjustment and Day 2, the flaunting, Day 3 is more of becoming at home, at heart. Aside from working its charm to impress, which it did by the way in a big way, the phone conformed to the way I wanted it, caring about my friends and love ones, keeping me updated of what matters most and everything else in between. One best thing I realized about Windows Phone was that its not business focus operating system nor a virtual imagination, its about people.

07:55 +8GMT, March 15, 2013

Left the house for work. It would be the second flaunting of the phone to another hospital that I work with, new set of people with different backgrounds, new opinions and feedback, best of all, new opportunity to test its buying impression. But unlike yesterday, I made it sure this time that it was power loaded, and that setting was a normal working day with no staff's meeting going on or special occasions.

Well, scenarios and elements might be different but when it comes to initial reactions from people, its the same story, everyone adores it. I have brought several trial phones to work before but I can really feel the difference with Nokia Lumia 920, there excitement was over the top, everyone eagerly wanting to know everything about it and worst, begging to give it to them. Well, if they only know that we have the same recourse on the matter. :D

Anyways, maybe because its looks something new or that the system unique, or they were just got carried away by the situation but in either way, it created a jabber that an iPhone have never done when one of my colleagues bought her iPhones 5 back in January. I could safely say that excitement on iPhone had died down, at least among my colleagues and just like yesterday, the phone easily convinced people to switch, though they will only be buying a cheaper version.

I also asked my colleagues to pose in front of the phone for our organizational chart ID's; it badly needs updating for the Philhealth Benchbook program.

11:30 +8GMT, March 15, 2013

Lunch break, time to check the battery meter, well, after the incident yesterday, I was a bit concern about the phones battery performance but so far, after a casual call and text and a few picture taking, my battery is still on top shape, around 82% so far. After a fast lunch, I fired up the phone's WIFI and connect to check people around my social networks. Notification and replies can easily be access using Me tiles as it pushed updates upon web connection. I also checked email and open full webpages.

One thing I notice though after continuous WIFI used, battery drain fast, could have been on the settings or something but within an hour of surfing, 20% was lost. To test the battery further, I did not turn the WIFI off to measure how far it will go. Fortunately, as the phone turns to standby mode, so was the WIFI, so it didn’t drain the battery fast for the rest of the afternoon and by the end of my office hour, battery was still 47%. I’m quite satisfied with it, not to mentioned that every time I turn the phone on to check text messages, WIFI also turns on at the same time and updating everything.

17:30 +8GMT, March 15, 2013

Arrived home early to prepare for my final exams the next day. Well, yes, I’m currently enrolled in a weekend law class and so I have to leave my geek side for the night "against my very will" to focus on my student duties. Who would want to open books and read when you have the Nokia Lumia 920 to play around enticing in every way?

Unfortunately, I cannot afford to fail so I have to slightly ditched the phone for the night. Slightly because it never actually left my side to be picked once in a while to check text messages or my online statuses. If you’re wondering if I was able to concentrate with what I'm reading, I didn’t, horribly.

Wrap Up:

I know nothing extra special have gone through the day, but I was happy to know that my assumption on the battery was wrong. It could last a day on me but I’m more than hoping that I could extend the battery use further. Maybe their was something tweak in the settings to improve battery life.

I'm also quite enthralled on the focus of Windows Phone as a system. It offers the best and the easiest communication possible with human social character as the backdrop, that in whichever direction smartphone technology might be going, it remains true to its basic purpose.


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