Mar 28, 2013

The Nokia Lumia 920 Chronicle: Day 4, Lawyering and Lobbying?

Agitation, emotional distress, panic, just among the a few words that could describe day 4 of the Nokia Lumia 920 Chronicle because of my upcoming final exam on Credit Transaction and Election Law. I only had, I think less than 3 hours of sleep, and that I'm not really entirely prepared for it. Good thing though that I have something to look forward to, another flaunting opportunity of the beautiful Nokia Lumia 920.

Well, I have more than 25 classmates, most were working students like me, mostly government workers, accountants, auditors, police officers, and a few medical workers. If their was one group that the phone needs to impress, it would be this one because most of these people can afford to buy the device. So, how did went through? Read on!

07:45 +8GMT, March 16, 2013

Left the house, grouchy, due to lack of sleep. To keep me awake, I thought of firing up the phone's music player to full volume while traveling. I've mentioned in Day 1 that I wasn't impress with the stereo sound quality using the phones provided Dolby Headset so I decided to check if their was something that could be done to improved it. Fortunately, it had, but it cannot be found inside the music player option but on the phones setting. Their was a headphone setting that could be tweak to boost the music experience at the bottom of the Settings called Audio. You can choose the following Presets; Custom, Bass Boost, Bass cut, Vocal boost, Treble boost, among others. Swipe to the left and you can turn the Dolby Headphone Playback on.

I'm very happy to find this since it had set the phone on top of my best list in terms of music performance. I love the sound quality, the deep bass, the crisp modulation and clear melody. High quality, I would say, the best I've heard yet among the phones I've used.

08:15 +8GMT, March 16, 2013

Arrived in school and the official flaunting begins. Well, who wouldn't notice the phone in sexy yellow, so in just a matter of minutes, they're holding it already with pleasure. I even had one classmate who wants her iPhone 4 swapped right their and then, another one wanted to order from me, while the rest was just delighted to see it. Well, I told the iPhone user that if she only listen to me before when I told her to buy the Lumia, she would have not felt remorseful. I told the other then that she could wait for the arrival of the phone locally in just a matter of days since its already being sold in Manila.

Well, the jovial scenery didn't last long as our professor arrived bringing our exam. Whats difficult in law exam is not the answer because you can support your stand using any law you remembered. What's dreadful is the writing spree since all the questions are essays. If only they could allow encoding answers via laptop, I wouldn't have any problem.

11:30 +8GMT, March 16, 2013

Lunchtime then was more of the extended flaunting of the phone because people never stop asking questions, like how different was it from the others, the price, where to buy one, how come I got a trial unit and so forth. As much as I want to lament on the result of the exams, lunchtime became a lobbying event, the non-government official way.

20:00 +8GMT, March 16, 2013

Finally arrived home exhausted after 12 hours of class and exams. Worse, I still have another exam on Sunday so I need a little diversion from all the stress. I decided to pitched a Walking Dead 3 episode using the phone's video player and Dolby headset and with all the audio set-up this morning, the video watching experience was a blast! I believed the Dolby sound was more conformed to video watching other than music since I could really hear a theater-like experience.

Right after the episode, I hit my books again to read with the phone on my side. I have no life, I know like most of the walking deads, but at least I have the Nokia Lumia 920 with me. Its life beyond reckoning. :D

Wrap Up:

The Nokia Lumia 920 had proven once again its charisma. I believe I haven't meet anyone yet who doesn't adore it. But the phone is not just about the looks, its more than that and after 3 days of used, I admit I haven't touch and explore all the features and applications yet so I have to double my time.

My personal opinion on the phone within 4 days of used, it became my alter ego, that I felt good when people adores it as if I was adored myself. :D Funny but thats how I really felt. If only I can keep the phone with me forever, it could always boast my self esteem and make me a better person. Hah, that!


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