Apr 2, 2013

The Nokia Lumia 920 Chronicle: Night Shots

Enhanced technical specs for low light, one among the vital information's Nokia proudly announced when they launched the Nokia Lumia 920. By tweaking both the sensor of the phone and the aperture, the camera absorbs more lights to the lens thus illuminating the scenery and the image in general. The very feature that brought tech experts scrambling with praise for the phone after experiencing it up-close, putting it to the pedestal as the best there is.

Well, I admit, this feature also excites my photo geek self, imagine a phone that would put fun and life at night, creative images defying daylight restrictions, and so much more. If your following the blog, you'll probably know that I'm more of a night person, that unique ideas comes naturally for me by night, now this is it, a device conforming my strength, a device with limitless possibility.

What would be best to test the night shoot capability of the phone other than taking it to the extreme, at a bench front by sundown to capture a picturesque canvass, and at the theme park right after to test the phone's capability to capture lights and balance imaging scenery with all the chaotic floodlights, spotlights, illuminators and dark spots interacting all at the same time. Interesting is it, so let’s not delay the inevitable, ladies and gentlemen, my night photo collection from the Nokia Lumia 920.

The Night Canvass, Beach Front

The Float

Gloria de Dapitan by Night

The Fountain

Fantasy Land by Night

The Watch

The Counter


Merry Go Round

To the Moon and Back

That Light!

Cup and Saucer

Food and Elves

Bump Cars

Which Way To?

Look Who's Watching

The Exit

Incredible results wasn't it? I'm quite amazed myself with how bright and polished resulting images were, given a dim and confusing scenario. Balance I think was the key in creating these beautiful images, how the camera sensor absorbs the right amount of lights to illuminate scenes, how it blocks excess lights, how it choose the right objects to highlight, among others. Its like it has a mind of its own, doing constant adjustments and set-ups, conforming to scenario's as difficult as it may be to come up with stunning photo's. Just wow!

I therefore agree with everyone who call it a cameraphone Czar, ruling all there is. I don't think other manufacturer's would dare challenge this stature for the time being after HTC tried but failed miserably in one, yes, that particular One!

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