May 28, 2013

The Nokia Lumia 720 Journal Part 7: Beyond Apps

One of the major reason why Windows Phone is not getting serious attention before was because of its applications offering, it doesn't have most the vital apps offered and enjoyed by users from competing system. Very true indeed a year ago, but this doesn't apply recently because the system is now nearly equip with most of the popular applications in the industry. Whats still missing can only be counted within human fingers because of Microsoft's and Nokia's vigorous effort to address the problem. It wouldn't be long before everything is covered.

Windows Phone Store

The store had now passed the 145,000 mark of application and counting. Solid developers support extended by both Microsoft and Nokia and the invigorating sales of Nokia Lumia line-up could be among the main reasons behind it, but nonetheless, they still needs to continuously entice developers for support because as I said, it still had missing apps compared to other leading systems. Also they must provide cost worthy applications because they had the most expensive prices of all. Take for example, the good old Angry Birds game, Nokia Store, Apple Store and Google Play offers it for free, why is it being sold for a dollar on Windows Phone Store? App's accessibility and affordability is an important factor in third world countries, hopefully they were aware of this.

What I like about the Windows Phone store is its savvy interface, the detailed descriptions of each app and its social network integration where users can share favorite apps online, via messaging or email. Though I would love the store to have an in-depth connection socially to the point that users can know all the apps their friends use on Windows Phone Store so they could download it as well for a much deeper social interaction, and so forth.

Anyway, among my app wishlist were Gravity, Flipboard, SWYPE, Talking Clock, Tong-its Tournament, GetGlue, Candy Crush and a dedicated app for

Lumia Exclusive Apps

Nokia have been working very hard to pollute the system with important apps. They collaborated with developers and gave them all the support needed in exchange for its exclusivity to Lumia line-up, and I believe the plan had worked effectively with quite a number of apps now listed on the elite list, and that consumers choosing Nokia instead of other brands because they could enjoy more apps and features they deserved.

The Nokia Lumia 720 though unlike its elder brethren had only 512MB of RAM which resulted to compatibility restrictions. The phone doesn't support two of Nokia's priciest applications for the time being, the Nokia Music and Nokia Xpress Browser for the time being but could be ported to the phone in no time. Other than those, the rest of the exclusive apps works perfectly well on the phone like the critically acclaimed Cinemagraph, Creative Studio, Smart Shoot, Panorama, Weather, ESPN Hub, App Highlights, Burton, HERE City Lens, HERE Maps, HERE Transit, Nokia Glam Me, Nokia Trailers, PhotoBeamer, SophieLens for Nokia, CNN, Soundtracker, You Send It, Angry Birds Roost, Draw Something, among others.

Of all the apps, I like Creative Studio big time because of its photo editing prowess. The Focus Blur, Color Pop, Collage, these were just among the features I like much not to mention that its also very easy to use. With only my first to try it, I was already able to create the Focus Blur enhance image below.

Another outstanding app in the exclusive list is the Smart Shoot. It shoots five frames for each picture and users can then pick the best faces from each frame, remove any people or objects within, then integrate them automatically in to one perfect shoot.

Weather was also outstanding. It is a work collaboration of Nokia and The Weather Channel bringing together an exceptional feature like the Weather AR, My Friends’ Weather and My Amazing Day. What I like most in the app is the live tile, it brings a punch to the menu screen.

Being a movie freak, the Nokia Trailers brings the best and the coolest experience in viewing teasers and trailers for new and upcoming movies. It can browse and discover new movies, watch trailers through direct stream or download and lastly, share favorites with friends, another of Windows Phone's social flare. Users can also set reminders for movies and find nearby movie theaters. Perfect app to monitor Man of Steel showing dates, screening times, cinemas and all.

A more comprehensive review on these apps will be featured on the blog soon, watch out for it.

Wrap Up

RAM limitation on the Nokia Lumia 720 is a bummer for the phone because popular apps like the Temple Run game cannot run on it unlike the Lumia 820 and 920, though it is still well compensated with a huge number of good exclusive apps making it a very much worthy than its competitors in the target market, it cannot make a huge impact against Chinese branded Android phones with high end quad core specs. Microsoft and Nokia need sto bring all the best apps to the table to make a difference. Its apps or nothing for both companies.

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