May 19, 2013

The Nokia Lumia 720 Journal Part 5: Camera and Beyond (Night Shots)

One of the qualities of the Nokia Lumia 720 that sets it apart from other smartphones is the aperture, f/1.9 is the lowest among mobilephones yet. The lower the aperture size, the wider the opening of lens becomes which in return would result to more light absorption by the lens, and together with its 1/3.6" sensor and the rest of the phone's camera feature, it should outperform other smartphones in low light.

Well, I have to say that this particular feature excites me the most having witness the astounding low light performance of the Nokia Lumia 920. Also, night images is a new fab in the camera smartphone space today with competitors coming out with devices having enhanced low light capabilities like the HTC One and the Samsung Galaxy S4,  it should be fun experimenting shots and creating masterpieces out of it, question now is, did the Lumia 720 live up to my expectation and had all its take to compete with the current high end breeds?

What would be best to test the phone's night shoot capability other than taking it to the extreme and blasting its very way to capture the moment in unexpected way. I only wanted to capture low light images in resort near my place with all those shimmering night lights when what I got instead were the images captured below.

And so let’s not delay the inevitable ladies and gentlemen, here are my night photo collection from the Nokia Lumia 720.


because of this..

The rest of the resort's night view:

Coco's Island Resort Front Facade

Coco's Island Resort Main Lobby

Coco's Island Resort Pool Area

Coco's Island Resort Pool Area

Coco's Island Resort Back Facade

Wrap Up 

Well, the images were definitely unrivaled among mid-range devices with the way it illuminates and render colors to scenery amidst challenging condition, though performing poorly on image focus, field depths and noise which I didn't quite expected. In comparison to the Nokia Lumia 920's image performance (CLICK HERE), the Lumia 720 is less vibrant, less saturate and had a poor contrast. It somehow didn't have the adjustment prowess of its high end counterpart.

On the question whether it live-up to my expectation , well, it obviously didn't due perhaps to other imaging elements like low sensor and lens, but nonetheless, it will still hold the throne as the best night shot imaging device in the mid-range arena, far enough for the competition to reached in months or year.

More of the Nokia Lumia 720 journal coming up, stay tuned.

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