Dec 8, 2013

Wandering With The Nokia Lumia 925, Part 3

Yes I admit, I'm already falling for the Nokia Lumia 925 after 4 days of wandering with it. The phone had a unique appeal that you felt positive about life when your holding it. Must have something to do with the design and built of the device and how it conforms perfectly to my hand which is within my ideal size for now since I haven't personally use huge display devices. Also, scenario-wise, the Nokia Lumia 925 is very much ideal if your living within the Metro Manila area since 5" or more screen size devices definitely attracts robbers and thieves that lurks around the corners.

8:30 +8GMT, November 8, 2013

Started my day very late since I could barely move with all the muscles aches. It was like I was hit and dragged by a bus or something. As much as I want to stay static for the rest of the day, I have to meet an architect who designed my boss's hospital floor plan for important changes she made. Yes, it was suppose to be a vacation but, who can say no to your superior. Anyways, I have to drag my aching legs to the nearest train station to meet her.

I then decided to open the Music player to distract my attention over my soaring dilemma. As usual, Nokia takes important emphasis on these feature in all its devices, and I love them for doing that because I'm a huge music fan. Nokia had an exclusive app for it called Nokia Music where you can access all your music files, but as much as I love the apps interface and connectivity features, Nokia Music, like Windows Phone's proprietor music player, had no option for creating playlist directly on the phone. This is a major step back for Nokia most specially since this playlist feature had already been in their devices ever since they created a music capable phones. As mentioned in Part 1 of these blog series, I really can't understand why Microsoft forgot to add this feature on Windows Phone 8. For now, playlists could be created with the help of a Windows PC via Windows Media Player, a huge problem for people who doesn't own or has no access to PC.

Quality-wise, the phone's music player is top notch. It was one of the best I've used so far in a mobile device most specially when paired with its Dolby enhance headset. Users can also choose among the preset equalizers and enhancement options like Dolby sound and audio leveling. I like the Bass Boast equalizer with Dolby and Audio leveling.

11:30 +8GMT, November 8, 2013

I arrived in our meeting place ahead of time so I need to wait, and its not really much of a problem with the Nokia Lumia 925 since it had all the features that could keep users busy for hours. Email, Foursquare check-in and Twitter, these were usually the apps that I ran every time I open my phone during spare times.

It was then the same moment when I started playing and instantly got addicted to a Nokia enhanced exclusive game Rail Rush. The game was more like Temple Run, only more exciting, colorful and graphic-rich. It has several paths to explore across mines, several special levels, cart power ups, among others, unlike the former. More details on the game in a separate review posts about it, watch this space.

Its about lunch time when the architect came. We talk about the changes and relay this information to my boss via a long phone call. Its not usual that I get to converse over the phone for more than 45 minutes but the said call took a huge chunk of the phones battery life.

12:30 +8GMT, November 8, 2013

I was on my way back to the pension house planning to spend the rest of the afternoon sleeping so I can go with my cousin and his friends in a weekend night out. Padi's Point along SM by the bay, they were saying? Nevertheless, I arrived safe and sound, but really exhausted. I then, charged the phone to prepare it for the night ahead.

20:30  +8GMT, November 8, 2013

My cousin came with two of his "tropa" (friends), and they told me that the rest of the group will meet us there. It was supposed to be a bar hopping stint but I informed them earlier that I couldn't do it because I can hardly walk.

We were already at the said bar 30 minutes after and I got very excited by the surrounding scene. It was inside a theme park so it would mean that I could test the Nokia Lumia 925's night shoot capability further. After a few chat and meet and greet with the rest of the group, I then jilted away to take pictures amidst my body aches to satisfy my geek photographers thirst. It was the first time that I took the phone for a real night shoot camera test and it was, like the sunset photo's, outstanding. The color contrasts, the image saturation, the sharpness of the night pictures, etc., it was incomparable giving me nonetheless, the most impressive night images so far on a mobilephone. 

I then, got so carried away by the phones camera prowess that I roamed around further in the area to take images of just anything thats worthy. I even bumped to an autoshow nearby that time and crashed in to the party to take more images. Unfortunately, I have to tease you further and show my taken images till the next blog post. Wicked!

22:30  +8GMT, November 8, 2013

I rejoin the group after almost two hours to their surprise. I was then snapped with questions as to what I have been doing and I told them I was so thrilled by the situation that I could not stop myself from taking images because of the phone. I then spent the next 30 minutes talking about its superlative features amidst a rowdy environment and even compete with the live band that was playing on the background, super geeky!

02:30 +8GMT, November 9, 2013

We capped the fun day off, and parted ways. I went back to the pension house tipsy. I admit, I never been that drunk ever since I started law school. It was indeed a break-off for me at the same time a break-in for the Nokia Lumia 925 since it crawled its way even closer to my heart in a slow yet sure fashion.

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