Jan 2, 2012

Top 5 Most Read Articles of 2011

I did it again!! 382 blog posts in the 365 days of 2011, another milestone to be proud of being the only writer and editor of a blog created and maintained out of passion amidst a busy lifestyle. I just got 2 jobs, Law school and a few business sidelines to balance, so its not that obvious . As it was 3 years ago, my goal has always been sharing ideas and thoughts, never monetary or number of visitors or page views, but glad to know that everything was quadrupled this year with the most, hitting 1000 page views per day from just 1 or more in 2009. A big thank you for visiting the blog, glad to know that I was able to reached and help more people this year.

So back to the blog title, which articles were the most viewed this year and why is it viewed more than the rest? Link
1. Price Match: Motorola Defy vs. Nokia C7

I posted this article on January 13, 2011 which is so far the current Top 6 in the all time high list. The reason for this I guess was because both phones were offer in the same bracket in most parts of the world until now so the interest had never faded for both. If people see a Nokia C7, a Motorola Defy must have also been on the category or vice versa so they tend to find the difference online.

2. Know The Best Apps On Your Mobilephone via topApps

Posted on May 10, 2011, the article is currently on Top 9 of the All Time list. Nokia's official twitter account link this article up on Twitter and Facebook thats why it gained so much views. A huge thank you to Nokia for sharing it!

3. Nokia X1-00's Loudest Specs

The phone is no less than the most popular from Nokia so it wasn't surprising to find out that its on the list of the most read blog article of the year. The phone was marketed as having the loudest speaker of all so the interest of people was very high.

4. Nokia C7 Chronicle: A life with Anna Day 2

So its another C7 article alright, but this post was linked and featured by WOMWorld Nokia gaining a lot of audience worldwide thats why it made a huge impact on the scale. I wasn't really expecting this to do big because C7 was already a little older when the post came out but I was wrong, a lot of people were still interested on the phone and wants to know more about it specially with a Symbian Anna upgrade.

5. Nokia E7: The First Imprint

I believe, I was just lucky enough to have been among the earliest user of the Nokia E7 around the globe thats why the article gained a lot of views. Its a norm that when something is on hype, people tend to learn more about it. The Nokia E7 came at the right place at the right time.

So there you go folks, the most popular articles of the year. They were all mobilephones, so I guess my madness for the said devices must be continued to retain my current readers at the same time I also need to diversify further to other topics to reach out to more people.

Its a continues trial and errors for me here with a goal set, world domination!


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