Mar 30, 2013

The Nokia Lumia 920 Chronicle: Day 5, Apps Galore

Still got a morning exam left for the week, Civil Procedures, one of the most important subjects in Law. Exhaustion already consumed me having no proper sleep for the past few days which is why after finishing tests, I hurriedly went home and sleep the rest of my afternoon.

It was late afternoon that my geek hour started, firing up Nokia Lumia 920’s Windows Store to download all available applications under Nokia Collection. Most of these apps by the way were created by Nokia while the rests were enhanced exclusively for Lumia consumers. These apps were definitely the main differentiators of Nokia in the Windows Phone arena aside of course from its top notched services, camera and hardware design and construction.

Took me sometime actually to download all interesting stuffs under Nokia Collection alone, then there's other apps to discover under Apps Highlights as well, most specially in the Collections menu page where In The Philippines submenu could be found. The aforementioned page features relevant applications developed by Filipinos and other locally applicable ones.

To mentioned a few of the local apps, there’s Myx Charts developed by ABS-CBN International, iTyphoon that could provide typhoon updates – a must have application since Philippines is blessed with hundreds of typhoons all year round, MMDA for WP for traffic updates within the Metro Manila area, Inquirer News and GMANews Online for daily dose of local news, among others. Downloaded them all to be featured each on the blog soon, watch this space.

Among the Nokia Exclusive Apps, must have apps that I like were the HERE City Lens, SophieLens for Nokia, Weather, Nokia Xpress, Nokia Trailer, Nokia Glam Me, Smart Shoot, Panorama, Creative Studio and Cinemagraph, CNN, ESPN, Foursquare, Soundtracker and TuneIn Radio. All of which could very much improve the phones usability on different fields. Each will be featured on the blog soon as well.

One application that I would have wanted to find on Windows Phone Store, is a Data Monitor that automatically tracks my usage having only 100MB monthly limit on my Postpaid Plan. If I’ll go beyond the capped, I would have to pay a regular rate for every MB used which is about 10x more expensive. Also, Windows Phone had a feature that would automatically upload taken images to Sky Drive with each image taking up 3MB the most.

Tip: To turn these automatic back-up off to SkyDrive, just go to Settings, then scroll down and look for the BackUp, open it, go to Photos then finally on the submenu page, press the Don’t upload option.

I also want to site a specific bug I guess on the phones connectivity system, it’s hard for me to connect to data when I came from a WIFI connection. These can only be solved if the phone will be rebooted. I’m not sure though if this is prevalent among other Nokia Lumia 920 units. The bug is a bit bothersome sometimes.

Wrap Up:

A day of reckoning I believed, realizing stuffs one way or another but most importantly, the greatest revelation was the fact that the phone had a lot of features that I haven’t used yet and that it had a vast collection of applications that needs to be uncovered. If anybody reading this chronicle would criticize Windows Phone’s limited application availability, well, they could be blind or delirious because you can never run out of top notch apps on the Store. Some important missing apps have alternatives, though could be less popular like Lomogram for Instagram for instance, while a few have really none, like what I’ve mentioned earlier, Data Tacker. I wish Talking Clock by Titus-Soft would also work on Windows Phone, or a Blogger client, or Gravity, most importantly.


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